Thursday, November 29, 2007

A week in Segovia

This week I have mostly been teaching in Segovia (well Sante Tome) but close enough.

I was in a VERY nice hotel with excellent surroundings, nice students and good teachers, Peter is very outgoing and inclusive (I like his style) not to mention talented too.

This week for me was more of what I expected and I felt more at home teaching here, knowing I had support too also helped with confidence and questions. The week went by quite quickly and no issues to speak of.

Although I must admit I do miss MY job. Teaching is good but I really prefer the more active hands on and entertainment side of my work (as an MC). I will start writing some more scripts over my free time and planning what to do next year.

Christmas is now 25 days away!!!! I have a short trip to Oslo planned now and seriously considering going to the UK for a week over Christmas, as China wont be coming to Spain :'(

I will have to decide soon as tickets are rapidly selling out - but I think I will be going, the house will be empty and Christmas alone is no fun!


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