Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back where it started

This week I decided to go back to Vaughan Town as an anglo just as I started one year ago - since then I have done 20 programs, and have enjoyed each of them, its good to see how much I've grown looking back.

The week was full of talented people from all over the world and each person participanted fully, which made the week fly by - as usual it hard to say goodbye at the end but there were a few 'master' students who I'm bound to see again as they have to do 4 programs before they finish.

So what did the week have install? Well we did a Christmas theme Vaughan Town - Marissa read Twas the night before Xmas in Spanglish! We had carols, a Xmas tree and eggnog!

I did my dance in a mask which was very funny - got a standing ovation; but nearly died in the process as i couldn't breath - and trust me doing 48 dances in 6 minutes you NEED to breath!! hehe - but it was SO worth it. Having thrown down that gauntlet Rob had to pull out something big - no not that!!!!

He did a portrait of yours truly in 5 minutes!! and it was awesome: its now on my wall at home - this was his present to me for Xmas which got me a little teary. Rob being Rob also gave something to everyone else - A VIRUS!!! This time it was just the flu - the antibiotics cleared up the other one ehh mate!?! (just kidding)

As usual the photos of the week are HERE

Where ever you are from - Feliz Navidad - Merry Christmas - Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année!


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