Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy 50th, 30th and 21st

This post is dedicated to Mike Monroy: who just completed his 50th Vaughan Town Program!!! (he's not even on the payroll!)
This also happened to be my 21st program as an Anglo/Master of Ceremonies (but I am on the payroll) and we had a birthday but it would be VERY rude of me to reveal Claire's age (hehe)

What an amazing group! No really!! This particular group bonded VERY quickly, partied VERY hard and had a VERY good time! It amazes me how it occurs and I wish I knew that magical ingredient - whatever it maybe I'm grateful for it, it makes the whole experience even more enjoyable for all.

The weather is currently threatening to snow on an almost daily basis and I can see the snow on the Gredos mountains in the distance; so its on its way for sure.

So the week, how was it.... ....we had shows, presentations, music, theatre, magic, improv, dance more than you can "shake a stick at" to use an idiom ;)
Karaoke night was awesome, everyone singing and having such a wonderful time - it proves to me it works and works well as a team and rapport building exercise the added advantage of reading English is just a lucky aside.

The theatre was excellent with alot of creativity and great expressiveness both visually and verbally. We had the joy of a great improv sketch with Marisa and Rob being parodied very well, but key was the points they picked up on and utilised (well done guys).

As always here are the memories of the week we shared

Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 69

Rob (a fellow MC) has a new affirmation it is: JUST BECAUSE I CAN, DOESN'T MEAN I SHOULD! but if you know Rob; you know he probably will!


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