Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No rest for the wicked

So with only one days rest I'm back at Vaughan Town! This week we have several veterans (people who have done the program before), so me being me - like to make my life hard, decided to try some new things out in both the afternoon activities and in the entertainment section.

The only problem is, I have lots of ideas but little time to put them together - however I have some free time coming up (several weeks in fact) so maybe I'll get busy working on scripts / plays etc.

This group was very business focused and had high expectations of the Anglos I felt, bearing in mind the Anglos are volunteers and not necessarily professionals in any specific capacity. However I think after a few ideas and reminders everyone came together but it took a while to warm up.

The evenings entertainment helped get people to relax and come together a bit more - I hope they do, for their own enjoyment. I did some new material which kicked my ass as I only had 3 days to work on it, but they enjoyed it, so that was good - always listen to your mom she knows best, right!?

My dance nearly killed me, really the mask is impossible to breathe in! We had a great workout, an improv coach, singers and dancers "rock and roll people"!

As for the "master" student I pushed them a little more by getting them to work on storytelling - which is more difficult than simply giving a presentation, they rose to the challenge I'm peased to say.

No snow as yet, but its still there waiting to pounce. The hotel still have a lot of work in the customer service department and several other areas, the service like the food is becoming less and less - I think we need a break from each other (in my opinion) but we will see if this improves as time goes on. I'm actually looking forward to trying the new venue in Montfrague should be nice to have a bunch of fresh faces and personalities.

As usual all the weeks photos can be found here

Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 70
Vaughan Systems are still after teachers - they have excellent rates of pay and opportunities, if you are able to work in EU without sponsorship etc I suggest you look into it.

We are the milky pirates!!! (said in a strange neo 80's pop music stylie german accent)


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