Monday, January 28, 2008

Words of Wisdom

My wisdom tooth has broken and needed to be "extracted" - torn from my head more like!!!

What I hoped would be a 2 minute "lets see what we have here then" operation - turned into a 1:30 hour tug a war.

Well 10 stitches later and 80 euros lighter I managed to leave the dentist - however I now look and talk like Stallone! Didn't see that coming.

Why do they do two things, firstly assure you it wont hurt; it always bloody hurts - especially having to pay and secondly talk to you when you have more instruments in your mouth than the philharmonic orchestra?! Lucky for me oooOOOOWWW is the same in ANY language!

What it did give me time to do what think about a few sketch ideas for my next Vaughan town; boy I'm sad!
Well, what else was I supposed to do when every time I opened my eyes different implement's were inserted into my mouth, the dentist himself started off looking quiet normal, but by the time he had finished and I opened my eyes he was wearing protective glasses, and welders mask, a smock, gloves - and I'm sure he had American Footballers shoulder pads on too!

and worse still I have to return in a week! - wish me luck!


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