Thursday, March 27, 2008

And now for something completely different

Top Gear are at it again, but this is by far the MOST exciting race to date!!

A Bugatti Veyron VS Eurofighter Typhoon, who will win.....???

Speeds you could only dream about, money you wish you had and excitement beyond your wildest fantasies - sit back and enjoy ;)

Did you guess which one won?

Movies to watch out for

Here are some of the upcoming movies for this year...

WANTED:- Angelina Jolie looks SO hot !!!

THE LOVE GURU:- A little too Austin Powers, but hey baby thats not a bad thing!!!

INDIANA JONES:- He's back!!!

SUPERHERO MOVIE:- from the makers of Scary Movie, oooohhhh YEAH!!!

THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM:- about time Jackie Chan & Jet Lee (Li) together!!!

Also watch out for
THE INCREDIBLE HULK; but dont expect too much & M. Night Shyamalan's THE HAPPENING; but again doesn't look very promising

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mind the gap

After being jammed in yet another transportation issue I thought it time to vent my frustration and confusion at the systems we have and use daily.

number of seats = number of passengers (4) , no one is allowed to stand.

Aeroplane - Boeing 747
number of seats = number of passengers (366) , no one is allowed to stand; but once in air standing is possible - (you also have to listen to safety instructions!)

number of seats = number of passengers (40) + standing room for around 18 more passengers, sitting or standing optional. (no safety instructions)

Double Decker Bus
number of seats = number of passengers (80) + standing room for around 32 more passengers, sitting or sanding optional. (no safety instructions)

number of seats = number of passengers (766) - no standing, but movement is permitted (no safety instructions)

Metro / Tube / Subway
number of seats = number of passengers + standing for as many as you can fit until the doors no longer close! sitting is rarely an option. (no safety & no instructions, except please MIND THE GAP)

So basically my question is this why is this permitted, allowed or accepted?
If the need is so great then surely we should be able to travel in comfort and safety, because I'm sure if there was a problem at peak times on the Metro/Underground/Subway, there would simply be no safe way in or out of this system, and bodies would be piled on top of each other.

How much longer do we put up with this - answers on a postcard to your relevant MP

How to... ...Improvise

The following are scenes taken from the amazing show: WHO'S LINE IS IT ANYWAY!

This is a great show, demonstrating the ability to think fast and act crazy, basically how to have fun with a subject.

Living Scenery

Sound Effects

Helping hands

Sit, Stand & Bend

Voices & Characters

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Times

After looking into some commercials I thought I would see if I could find some old favourite programs and guess what... ...I did!
Here is a collection of theme tunes to some old favourites when I was a child - and yes they DID have TV back then!



































Saturday, March 22, 2008

Time for a break...

Top Reason to leave Britian

A collection of funny adverts

More funny adverts

Shaolin Refreshment

Shaolin Refreshment 2

So wrong but so funny

So wrong but so funny 2


now get back to work, breaks over!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monfrag├╝e, here we come

So new venue, new bunch of people. So what was it like? I know your dying to know!

The facility is very nice, the venue is very spacious, the staff are excellent, very courteous and I actually liked the food. So far so good....
....but the stage area is not well set up and no sound system to utilise which for me and the program could be a problem - time will tell if this can be resolved.
I hope so because its a simple thing to fix.

I thing in the summer the place will be amazing, the scenery is very nice, the town is a good distance to isolate us from Spanish speaking. However due to the number of other guests, Spanish is heard and spoken amongst the other guests and children run around which I found distracting.

As for the participants they did what they needed to and "worked like dogs" (idioms guys), on this program I had about half the Anglo's I knew from various programs, which on one hand was nice but also another challenge because I want their experience to be different too.

The evenings activities were lots of fun, after a few issues with the sound equipment we finally managed to put a great party together and include Karaoke - and the "boys" did themselves proud! hehe.

I hope you all all enjoyed your experience and I also hope to see you again at some point, its always a pleasure to meet such wonderful people. Fernando I will warn you well in advance so you can be there on time ;)

Here's a picture from our excursion to the castle - what I thought was particularly funny was the word "PROBABLY"

As usual all the photos of our experience have been uploaded - simply click the picture below

Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 106

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Masters of the universe

I knew this week would be interesting when I found out we had ALL master students (15 of them). If you don't know "masters" are Spaniards who do the intensive English classes: 5 hours in class and 5 hours of homework per day for 10 months!!
Generally they are well behaved but on occasion have been known to speak SPANISH!! (shock horror), we normally only have 4 in a Vaughan town, but this week we put them all together.

Sadly we started the week off on a bad note as on the way to the facility we witnessed a car skid, flip and veer off the road right in front of our coach. Fortunately the driver was not badly hurt, but his passenger was unconscious but eventually came round - no obvious damage apart from some superficial cuts and bruises; amazingly and thankfully as the car was a write off.
Our thoughts go out to you, and we all hope you recover quickly.
Then only about 1 mile further down the road another head on crash had taken place!

That aside the week was allot of fun!! We did theatre, presentations, monologues, stories, games, stand up comedy and of course magic! Luckily my new material went down very well so I was very happy about that! What only existed in my mind came to life this week as four wonderful Spaniards went right out of their comfort zones to entertain the audience; and what a remarkable job they did too!! (they got a standing ovation!!!).

In all I was more than happy with the week, Eva did a wonderful job of keeping control and organising everyone and everything (even for her first time). It never ceases to amaze me the job I have and how people come together so well.

as usual the photos of the week can be found HERE

There was a bit of talk about Little Britain - but Catherine Tate is more mainstream and I think funnier as she parodies situations not milks catchphrases. So, when I saw this I thought it was worth sharing, enjoy light relief comedy ;)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Virus Alert

Recently I managed to get a bad ass virus that filled up my 50gig free space in about 10 mintues by keep filling the space with crap, result: the need to reformat laptop!

In an attempt to stop you falling prey and getting a nasty computer virus I thought I would show you what to look out for.

Have you ever wondered what computer viruses might look like?

The following set of 3D images of electronic viruses were created by artist Alex Dragulescu. This one shows a Netsky email worm, still the most consistent threat to email traffic.

The artisit turned the viruses into artwork after an internet security firm worked out the programming codes for some of the most common ones. This one shows ghost spyware.

This is an encoded Trojan agent which are endlessly variable so they can escape detection. As the name suggests, trojans are disguised to be more destructive than they first seem.

Storm Malicious is aggressively spreading software which has formed one of the largest automated virus systems in history with two million computers under its control.

The Russian obesity email is a text and image-based spam which preys on recipients' personal insecurities through direct subjects like "Ever heard that you're getting fat".

This image shows a phishing attack. It needs the recipient to confirm their details, often saying it is improving security for online banking.

So I hope you are better advised now, and remember - always use protection!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Trip down South

As Sandra and I had some free time we decided to go and explore the south of Spain, firstly Granada then onto Cordoba. Long drive but the weather was good, so it was a pleasant trip: although we did have all four seasons in one day!

Sadly I was ill for 2 of the 4 days so that didn't help or make the trip as great as it should have been.

It was nice to see the history in the south from Romans to Arabs and of course the Spanish culture still in place. The white washed buildings were a more familiar sight to what I thought Spain looked like - rather than the hustle and bustle of Madrid.

The area was peppered with history from Roman, Jewish, Islamic and Spanish quarters.
The Mosque in Cordoba is now a Mosque/Christian Cathedral and is very well preserved although ongoing work is ensuring it stays that way.
The Alhambra is well preserved and would have been a very impressive building in its time.

Here are some photos to see what your missing...

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