Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Masters of the universe

I knew this week would be interesting when I found out we had ALL master students (15 of them). If you don't know "masters" are Spaniards who do the intensive English classes: 5 hours in class and 5 hours of homework per day for 10 months!!
Generally they are well behaved but on occasion have been known to speak SPANISH!! (shock horror), we normally only have 4 in a Vaughan town, but this week we put them all together.

Sadly we started the week off on a bad note as on the way to the facility we witnessed a car skid, flip and veer off the road right in front of our coach. Fortunately the driver was not badly hurt, but his passenger was unconscious but eventually came round - no obvious damage apart from some superficial cuts and bruises; amazingly and thankfully as the car was a write off.
Our thoughts go out to you, and we all hope you recover quickly.
Then only about 1 mile further down the road another head on crash had taken place!

That aside the week was allot of fun!! We did theatre, presentations, monologues, stories, games, stand up comedy and of course magic! Luckily my new material went down very well so I was very happy about that! What only existed in my mind came to life this week as four wonderful Spaniards went right out of their comfort zones to entertain the audience; and what a remarkable job they did too!! (they got a standing ovation!!!).

In all I was more than happy with the week, Eva did a wonderful job of keeping control and organising everyone and everything (even for her first time). It never ceases to amaze me the job I have and how people come together so well.

as usual the photos of the week can be found HERE

There was a bit of talk about Little Britain - but Catherine Tate is more mainstream and I think funnier as she parodies situations not milks catchphrases. So, when I saw this I thought it was worth sharing, enjoy light relief comedy ;)

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