Monday, March 17, 2008

Monfragüe, here we come

So new venue, new bunch of people. So what was it like? I know your dying to know!

The facility is very nice, the venue is very spacious, the staff are excellent, very courteous and I actually liked the food. So far so good....
....but the stage area is not well set up and no sound system to utilise which for me and the program could be a problem - time will tell if this can be resolved.
I hope so because its a simple thing to fix.

I thing in the summer the place will be amazing, the scenery is very nice, the town is a good distance to isolate us from Spanish speaking. However due to the number of other guests, Spanish is heard and spoken amongst the other guests and children run around which I found distracting.

As for the participants they did what they needed to and "worked like dogs" (idioms guys), on this program I had about half the Anglo's I knew from various programs, which on one hand was nice but also another challenge because I want their experience to be different too.

The evenings activities were lots of fun, after a few issues with the sound equipment we finally managed to put a great party together and include Karaoke - and the "boys" did themselves proud! hehe.

I hope you all all enjoyed your experience and I also hope to see you again at some point, its always a pleasure to meet such wonderful people. Fernando I will warn you well in advance so you can be there on time ;)

Here's a picture from our excursion to the castle - what I thought was particularly funny was the word "PROBABLY"

As usual all the photos of our experience have been uploaded - simply click the picture below

Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 106


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