Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tired and battered but not beaten!

Well my week is over - and very tiring it was too!!! hehehe

Over the past week, we managed to do a lot of theatre, presentations, peotry, singing, dancing, karaoke, quiemada, party and on top of ALL that I had to be an Anglo too!!!
But it was alot of fun. The Spaniards again came wanting to get as much from the program as they could and I really hope they did.

I noticed this week - maybe because the sun and summer is coming, that the holiday attitude is creeping in from some of the Anglo's - I need to ensure this doesn't get in the way of the program, I am going to work on conversation topics - so there is no excuse to be unable to speak about something.

Highlights for me:-
"What a Nightmare" sketch - awesome job guys!
The photos are wonderful of Mr Saturday Night Fever ;) ,
the Sevillanas dancing,
Fransisco's drunk sketch
and the confidence which you ALL gained - congratulations !!!!!

Dylan never got to leave the case this week which I think saddened him, there was simply no time to him to act :'( (must make more time)

Anyway well done to you all and the time we shared can be remembered by clicking the folder below

Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 78

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Killing time

So I was thinking what would be my next toy - as my birthday is just a few weeks away.

Xbox 360? PlayStation 3? Wii? or a new laptop? Well all things considered I have opted for the PlayStation 3, after looking into the others and weighing up the pros and cons and which they were many.

So after deciding you would think it was simply a case of walking into a store and buying it right... ...wrong!!

Through my research I found out that this little beauty was waiting in the wings - to be released June 12 2008 - with an 80 gig HD, Dual Shock 3 controller and the MGS 4 game.

So yet another dilemma rears its ugly head. Do I wait? Do I buy one now and say to hell with it? If I wait what are my chances as apparently they are releasing this as an EXTREMELY limited release - first Japan then America if any left maybe Europe - so my chances are slim to none!
So what now, what now?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cabin Fever

So another week of Masters on a program! How did it go, I hear you ask...... ......well of course ;)

It took the group a long to warm up I thought, and they all seemed to come with their business heads on which was good I guess.
As for the theatre, they seemed to really enjoy it, but didn't relish the idea of performing in it and again I spent my free time putting together sketches and scripts - (Rowan Atkinson is a genius, and has some wonderful material) for their amusement.

As for quiz night it simply never happened - all too tired!!??!?! Oh well once in a while an earlier night is a good thing, although I was very surprised considering this was the second VT for some and as the presentations didn't need to be prepared.

The weather this week has been awful - great for Spain as it is REALLY needed, but it did mean we were stuck in the hotel for the whole week, pity, its nice to get out once in a while, I felt cabin fever starting to set in!

I have a feeling some may have taken this week more as a holiday; Anglos and Spaniards!
The group dynamics always interest and amaze me, no two weeks are ever the same or have the same feel; maybe this is a reason I enjoy this type of work!?
Movie night was a quiet affair as predicted with a handful of people watching.

Ron did an EXCELLENT job at his improv part (helping hands) a guaranteed crowd pleaser!!!
As for the rest it went over OK. Luckily as time evaded us I didn't do my dance! Phew!
The excursion became the quiz as the weather was so unpredictable and bad; and we hadn't done it already ;)

Moving onto the party - well again all I can say is; strange very strange. I waited for 30 minutes to get ALL the group together for the photo - however some thought football was a priority and others the bar?!?! I think this highlighted the fragmented group (at least for me).
Then at anyone one time about half the group were missing, when they finally came together was at 12:30, when I'm getting ready to wind down the party.
But as a gesture - I know we have all been cooped up in the hotel for the week, I gave them more time.

When the party really did have to finish - tempers frayed (alcohol induced?): its a factor for sure! After speaking to the group and stating the rules as were clearly laid out in Sundays Orientation, I spoke to several people individually about their issues - it was mainly the fact that they felt this week didn't give them the best week they hoped for!
(sad but true)

No matter how much I or Carmen tried the group simply wouldn't bond, and as a result frustrations were vented after the party.
Sad way to end the week on a bad memory - however, I will say, this was the strangest group I have had in ALL my weeks at Vaughan Town.

Anyone wishing to do VT for future reference - give 100% you WILL get 100%!

But guys we did share some great moments and to prove it click the folder below ;)
Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 108

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Internet addicts; mentally ill??

According to one 'professional' internet addicts are mentally ill!!

Kinda makes you wonder huh?? One thing I thought was amusing was the information is of course published here on the internet...

Oh well, maybe I have a case afterall!
Do you think they would prescribe laptops rather than pills??
:- take 2 PC's a day and make sure your 'windows' is open (for fresh air).

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to use the Net and he will not bother you for weeks, hehehe

Friday, April 04, 2008

Just for fun, why not...

Here are two cool sites and ideas that I think is worth joining - thanks for info Jill

This one is for the "GOOD FRIDAY AGREEMENT" - why not make someone smile ;)

This is simply a nice idea of what to do with your books and nice to see where the end up, you may be surprised

If anyone knows of any other similar websites drop me an email:

"Flipping" Vaughan Town

Its a shame but things are REALLY starting to slide with the hotel in Gredos.
The new manager is trying to implement change but too much too soon I fear, and as a result it is starting to effect the way the program is going. I am hoping this can be changed and rectified before it goes to far.

As the program - a good week as usual. A few small issues with lateness both from Spaniards and Anglos (my pet hate) also a little too much Spanish spoken when in relaxed company. However all the participants threw themselves into what ever they were asked to do, which was very good!! The quiz went very well, and all seemed to enjoy it, but you know no matter how much entertainment you give them, some will always try to amuse themselves, by... ...flipping cows!?
If not the cows then flipping each other: don't ask!!!

We managed to cram in lots of sketches, monologues, poems, presentations, singing and dancing, sadly no stand up comedy or magic: maybe next time ;) - if only you were more punctual!
hey ho!

The presentations were of course of high calibre and the usual I couldn't possibly speak for 10 minutes excuse came out - but again typically at 12 minutes I'm having to almost drag some of them off the stage!!

I must say the weather has been in our favour this week mind, and a few sun burnt arms and noses have been spotted hehe. The party got into full swing in fact it almost become a problem stopping it, but thankfully I managed too!

As usual I have posted are the photos of our week simply click the folder below.

Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 75

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Its raining pregnant men!?!?

Well after hearing the latest news about a transgender man getting pregnant, I was kinda confused what was happening to the world - men now having babies???? Personally I always thought women would find a way to impregnate themselves and do away with man - I never even considered the option of man giving birth.

If you want to read more about this weird/amazing story click this link

So I looked around and it would appear this is something a few people have obviously been working towards with such sites as:

I guess with all the possibilities to change genders and body parts today its really no surprise! But it is worrying where it will all end!?
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