Friday, April 11, 2008

Cabin Fever

So another week of Masters on a program! How did it go, I hear you ask...... ......well of course ;)

It took the group a long to warm up I thought, and they all seemed to come with their business heads on which was good I guess.
As for the theatre, they seemed to really enjoy it, but didn't relish the idea of performing in it and again I spent my free time putting together sketches and scripts - (Rowan Atkinson is a genius, and has some wonderful material) for their amusement.

As for quiz night it simply never happened - all too tired!!??!?! Oh well once in a while an earlier night is a good thing, although I was very surprised considering this was the second VT for some and as the presentations didn't need to be prepared.

The weather this week has been awful - great for Spain as it is REALLY needed, but it did mean we were stuck in the hotel for the whole week, pity, its nice to get out once in a while, I felt cabin fever starting to set in!

I have a feeling some may have taken this week more as a holiday; Anglos and Spaniards!
The group dynamics always interest and amaze me, no two weeks are ever the same or have the same feel; maybe this is a reason I enjoy this type of work!?
Movie night was a quiet affair as predicted with a handful of people watching.

Ron did an EXCELLENT job at his improv part (helping hands) a guaranteed crowd pleaser!!!
As for the rest it went over OK. Luckily as time evaded us I didn't do my dance! Phew!
The excursion became the quiz as the weather was so unpredictable and bad; and we hadn't done it already ;)

Moving onto the party - well again all I can say is; strange very strange. I waited for 30 minutes to get ALL the group together for the photo - however some thought football was a priority and others the bar?!?! I think this highlighted the fragmented group (at least for me).
Then at anyone one time about half the group were missing, when they finally came together was at 12:30, when I'm getting ready to wind down the party.
But as a gesture - I know we have all been cooped up in the hotel for the week, I gave them more time.

When the party really did have to finish - tempers frayed (alcohol induced?): its a factor for sure! After speaking to the group and stating the rules as were clearly laid out in Sundays Orientation, I spoke to several people individually about their issues - it was mainly the fact that they felt this week didn't give them the best week they hoped for!
(sad but true)

No matter how much I or Carmen tried the group simply wouldn't bond, and as a result frustrations were vented after the party.
Sad way to end the week on a bad memory - however, I will say, this was the strangest group I have had in ALL my weeks at Vaughan Town.

Anyone wishing to do VT for future reference - give 100% you WILL get 100%!

But guys we did share some great moments and to prove it click the folder below ;)
Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 108


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