Friday, April 04, 2008

"Flipping" Vaughan Town

Its a shame but things are REALLY starting to slide with the hotel in Gredos.
The new manager is trying to implement change but too much too soon I fear, and as a result it is starting to effect the way the program is going. I am hoping this can be changed and rectified before it goes to far.

As the program - a good week as usual. A few small issues with lateness both from Spaniards and Anglos (my pet hate) also a little too much Spanish spoken when in relaxed company. However all the participants threw themselves into what ever they were asked to do, which was very good!! The quiz went very well, and all seemed to enjoy it, but you know no matter how much entertainment you give them, some will always try to amuse themselves, by... ...flipping cows!?
If not the cows then flipping each other: don't ask!!!

We managed to cram in lots of sketches, monologues, poems, presentations, singing and dancing, sadly no stand up comedy or magic: maybe next time ;) - if only you were more punctual!
hey ho!

The presentations were of course of high calibre and the usual I couldn't possibly speak for 10 minutes excuse came out - but again typically at 12 minutes I'm having to almost drag some of them off the stage!!

I must say the weather has been in our favour this week mind, and a few sun burnt arms and noses have been spotted hehe. The party got into full swing in fact it almost become a problem stopping it, but thankfully I managed too!

As usual I have posted are the photos of our week simply click the folder below.

Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 75


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