Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Killing time

So I was thinking what would be my next toy - as my birthday is just a few weeks away.

Xbox 360? PlayStation 3? Wii? or a new laptop? Well all things considered I have opted for the PlayStation 3, after looking into the others and weighing up the pros and cons and which they were many.

So after deciding you would think it was simply a case of walking into a store and buying it right... ...wrong!!

Through my research I found out that this little beauty was waiting in the wings - to be released June 12 2008 - with an 80 gig HD, Dual Shock 3 controller and the MGS 4 game.

So yet another dilemma rears its ugly head. Do I wait? Do I buy one now and say to hell with it? If I wait what are my chances as apparently they are releasing this as an EXTREMELY limited release - first Japan then America if any left maybe Europe - so my chances are slim to none!
So what now, what now?


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