Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tired and battered but not beaten!

Well my week is over - and very tiring it was too!!! hehehe

Over the past week, we managed to do a lot of theatre, presentations, peotry, singing, dancing, karaoke, quiemada, party and on top of ALL that I had to be an Anglo too!!!
But it was alot of fun. The Spaniards again came wanting to get as much from the program as they could and I really hope they did.

I noticed this week - maybe because the sun and summer is coming, that the holiday attitude is creeping in from some of the Anglo's - I need to ensure this doesn't get in the way of the program, I am going to work on conversation topics - so there is no excuse to be unable to speak about something.

Highlights for me:-
"What a Nightmare" sketch - awesome job guys!
The photos are wonderful of Mr Saturday Night Fever ;) ,
the Sevillanas dancing,
Fransisco's drunk sketch
and the confidence which you ALL gained - congratulations !!!!!

Dylan never got to leave the case this week which I think saddened him, there was simply no time to him to act :'( (must make more time)

Anyway well done to you all and the time we shared can be remembered by clicking the folder below

Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 78


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