Sunday, May 04, 2008

The 30 Day Challenge: step 1

As many of you know and China especially - I was a professional magician for 4 years in the UK and performed all over the place - since then I have mainly been performing here in Spain at Vaughan Town.

The reason I got into magic was David Blaine - not because I wanted to be him, just because I thought "I can do that", and I could.
The person that REALLY inspire me was Derren Brown. I like his genius and cunning (shout out to Andy Nyman; like he's reading this) - so I pursued this avenue and got into magic properly.
However lets not rule out Blaine - now don't get me wrong I am not an avid fan in fact his "stunts" I really don't like or get to be honest - but the personal challenges I do!

So perhaps with this in the back of my mind -

his latest effort, encouraged me to think about my personal challenges, or maybe it is the fact I am yet another year older and not happy with things as they are, mainly my body - 10 years ago I was a capable martial artist who won a bronze medal in the British Open Martial Arts Tournament and now, well lets just say that was 10 years ago!

I have a thing for balance as you will know if you know me, so everything in life should be balanced, good and bad, sweet and sour.
So this is the challenge --> for 30 days I am going to go without - ALCOHOL (of any description), RED MEAT, COFFEE and SWEETS & TREATS; basically I will ONLY drink WATER and eat a more "healthy" diet for the next 30 days and I'll let you know how I'm doing.

Then for the following 30 days this is my opportunity to do something which is new to me - yet to be decided. On my trip back to Madrid Sandra and I had a lot of laughs thinking of some very unusual and funny things I could do.

If you have any challenges I could try let me know and don't forget the balance - 30 days without or not doing something, then 30 days trying or doing something completely different.

Start thinking could your life benefit from change? I'm sure it could ;)


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