Friday, May 16, 2008

African Dance United Nations, more or less

Again another programme finished, but no time to relax or take a breath, as I have to get ready to start again, but before I do, what happened this week?

We had a great mixture of Anglo's - surprisingly quite a few Americans even with the price of airline tickets just now. Old and young people which made for good conversations for the most part. However I did hear from some, that they were not as satisfied as they ought to be!?

Upon further discussion it appeared that certain expectations were not meet either by us, the hotel or by the Anglos? i.e. Anglo's didn't offer enough to talk about or Anglo's didn't have particular field expertise.
OK they may not work in the same field as you but they still have life experience that you can talk about and normally you can connect on some level :S
Also YOU can instigate a conversation, change topic or request a subject, so do so ;)
I think the objective was lost somewhere along the way, even after being pointed out at the beginning. Hopefully this was a one off situation and wont happen again - but if it does I'm ready with conversation starters to get things underway ;)

There was also several issues with the hotel and food served, which we will look into as service needs to be at a high standard, the hotel is still new for us and working very hard to sort these issues as they arise, so I guess they wont be issues for long!

Sadly, one individual was advised that he wasn't able to continue on the following weeks programme, due to his input on this one. He took this issue as a very personal attack, casting a lot of aspersions on several people's characters and using VERY threatening behavior - this of course cannot be accepted, so he had to leave the programme.

That issue aside the program did what it says on the tin, but with a little extra varnish! Due to your input, the week is intense, but we did have a lot of fun. I'm sure when you reflect back, you will realise the progress you made - the problem as always, is you can never see it yourself, but it IS there.

I do hope you keep up the English practise and if you need any assistance or guidance call, txt or email me ;)

If you want to see for yourself the fun we had, click below

Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 111
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