Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I'm sure you have all heard by now about the cyclone that destroyed Myanmar, so far death toll at 22,000!
But I wonder is it a blessing rather than a disaster, hear me out!

Burma has been fighting and killing it own for years - and enslaving its own people, only recently has this really came into light and movements were been made - but as usual politics and red tape stop any real progress.

Now if Mother Nature intervenes; who can stop that!? Obviously no one could. This IS a disaster on a grand scale - but now Burmese people have to take stock and use this as the time to rebuild a better country, out with the tyrants and in with the forward thinking young people, let the world be your oyster - Thailand rebuilt itself from the Tsunami and so can you - but build a better place for yourselves.

Aid: don't just drop and run but stay and help put in place what the country needs to develop and improve its status. This is an opportunity use it!

To all those lost in the disaster my thoughts are with you - and to the many more that were lost in the tyranny of Burma's rule!!!


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