Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy birthday to me!!!

So yet another year passes - and I still haven't aged (mentally anyway).
So what did I get for my birthday this year, well would it surprise you if I said I now am the owner of the PlayStation3 - yes I couldn't wait for the Metal Gear Solid one that I may or may not be able to get my hands on - for sure I will get the game, so what the hell.

Also you can't have a great machine like that without a TV to match so as I don't own one anymore, I bought a new HD TV and very nice it is too ;)

I'm now in Palencia visiting Sandra's family; may as well get to know them as we are together and now she is expecting our baby on 24th November! Amazing really as you (China) was born on 26th November!? Well I sent you a text, you are the first person I have let know, you are still muy importante (very important) to me!

And I also know that was the last time I get to spend so much on myself :'(

Anyone who knows what I do now as a job - will probably know how well I dance or not hehe - so when I saw this I was very impressed with the concept and dancing!
enjoy - who says Britain doesn't have talent!

On a sad note: My birthday came and went and no txt, email or call from my daughter - hey ho!


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