Thursday, May 08, 2008

How to lose weight quickly

After looking at the analysis on what some people looked on search engines for most was to loose weight. I am a qualified personal trainer however the advice I'm about to offer bears no relation to this fact, these are personal opinions mixed with facts.

If you want to loose weight quickly there is NO way to do this properly or safely!
However here are some suggestions:

1. Split up with the person you love - almost guaranteed to loose weight!
2. Stop eating junk food - guaranteed to loose weight!
3. Chop off a limb - guaranteed to make you lighter - the bigger the limb the lighter you are ;)
4. Do as Carrie did - pierce your tongue
5. Take Hoodia - a plant (now in tablet form) that suppresses hunger - not recommended!!!

Or try this sensible approach:

1. Go out, do something you don't normally do, like walk/jog in the park, climb a mountain
2. Analyse what, how and why you eat what you do - break the circle.
3. Don't call it a diet - diets don't work (you know this, therefore you will fail)
4. Change your eating habits for the better - (slow release carbs), but allow one day a week to eat anything - trust me you need it, as does your body (especially at the beginning)
5. Throw away your scales - they LIE!!!! Honestly trust yourself - those old jeans you couldn't get into - the fact you need a new hole on your belt or the fact your shirt is no longer tight on you - this is proof of weight lose not scales!
6. Get away - go on holiday, but somewhere nice not Blackpool or Skegness, this will give you motivation to loose weight and the food will be different, so again you will inadvertently loose weight
7. Think about the reason you want to loose weight - imagine yourself lighter, fitter, happier - believe it and you WILL achieve it!

Fact: a lot of weight issue are more about lack of activity than diet - although both play a major part
DO NOT fad diet - trust me they don't work long term!!!

Above all: LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF - this is key to almost everything ;)


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