Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunny Spain finally, well almost!

Scorching heat, freak storms and lounging in the pool pretty much sums up this week!
Its a hard life hehe.

It was a mixed bag of the usual; singing, dancing & acting. We had to improvise the entertainment hour on Monday due to no lighting and flooding in the meeting room; but I guess that show business for you.
I was a little disappointed that the Anglo's didn't offer to share their own personal experiences or travels etc, as a presentation, but the effort they did put into the performances made up for it.
One of the best Four Yorkies in a long time, I, O, Eeeee.

As for the Spaniards some of them, didn't work as hard as they ought to, pity because a week isn't a long time and its best to take EVERY advantage of the program, after all they did pay. But I hope they ALL got something from the week, hopefully what they needed (which is usually only the confidence to speak in English)

The weather was very strange this week, we had flash storms and scorching heat, I'm actually quite burnt (silly me!)
I'm guessing so are some of the Anglo's as they spent alot of time in the sun.

However the week passed without incident and everyone seemed happy so a successful week. Things at the hotel are improving; so that's good too.

Anyway here are the photos of our time together

Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 116

Oh yeah, as well all the above, Spain WON 3 -0 to Russia; which puts them into their first Final in 24 years! If they beat Germany on Sunday, I predict HUGE parties!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

How magicians assistants should be

The best piece of magic I have seen in a LONG time!!
(be aware contains nudity; now you want to look right;) )

I may have a new act?

Look into my eyes...

Currently I am learning a few past, present and future telling techniques.
This a new skill I'm currently working on and uses alot of psychology.

I have decided to combine several different ways to offer readings for fun rather than business; draw me a tree, graphology, palm reading, cartology and tarot.

should you be interest too simply click the link below for the BEST resource I have found

Friday, June 20, 2008

Scream baby!

There is a VERY famous scream that hundreds of movies have used and unless you know about it you probably dont even realise.

Its called the WILHELM SCREAM and below is a compilation of the scream in use by sound editors.

It would appear that there exists a mystery of who actually produced the scream but it does go way back to 1953 and has been used ever since - sadly however the movie producers are now saying that as people are becoming more aware they will stop using it.

Im VERY surprised that given what we are able and capable of producing today that they would use something so old anyway, but its also a tribute too I guess!?

Hungry for more sound effects - check out this compilation!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Metal Mayhem

Hmmmm, so the long awaited release of Metal Gear Solid 4 is now even longer due to the fact that the truck drivers are on strike in Spain, therefore I have NO release date for this game; as yet.

I have been told anytime this week - ironic really, as it says "sneakout release" - I guess it really is now!

But I refuse to sit here and wait for it to come to me, the time for action is now! So in true Metal Gear style I went in search of MY game!

This is my story!

I took things into my own hands, all dressed up and ready to anything I went to face the truck drivers and demand my copy.

All seemed to be going well, I spoke to the head driver; a cold white haired man with a steely gaze even through the dark glasses.

"who the hell are you punk"
- he said in Spanish of course!
enraged at his attitude of my humble request, I demanded he give me MY game, in hindsight maybe not my smartest move!

He didn't take well to my attitude, already "fueled" with anger he lashed out at me in a tirade of verbal abuse, then suddenly things went very wrong as he called on his radio for backup!

I hadn't planned on this and it was quite unexpected.
There was only one thing to do - take action, hit them before they hit me; and at ALL costs get my game!

Truckers are big boys and needed to be taken down quickly.

I sprung into action and immediately floored the oncoming attack from the several irate truckers; using mixed martial art techniques and guerrilla tactics.

I had to think fast so many trucks where could my game be?!
I raced through the trucks searching frantically for MY game but to no avail.

Time was running out and word had gotten around, now even more truckers were now making there way towards me, beads of sweat on my forehead glistened in the searing heat of the mid day sun.

I heard laughter coming from the head driver as he thought he had won!
he bellowed at me!

Sadly in my heart I thought he maybe right, but who was he to deny ME!?

In a fit of rage I decided if I couldn't have a copy no one could!
So I blew up the head drivers truck, leaving pieces strewn all over the highway. Now NO trucks could possibly pass.

I felt mixed emotions satisfaction but also an overwhelming feeling that I had lost, my game and the battle.

Even more enraged at what had happened, the head drivers backup arrived, but I was too swift and cunning for him and I had hid myself within a shipping crate, whilst he was distracted.

He took one last steely eyed look at the destruction and boarded his helicopter, clasped in his hand was the one and ONLY copy of MGS4: he had won after all!

It was time for me to return home, tired, beaten and game less!
The sound of his laughter ringing in my ears.

He had escaped with MY game, the only thing I could take from the experience is I had tried dam it! I sighed and thought to myself - at least he didn't know who I was.

The question is, how long do I have to wait!??!

The End.... ....or is it?

huh what was that noise??!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

3 peak challenge

Carrie is planning to do the 3 peaks challenge, no mean feat! (not feet, they ARE mean!)
But if you feel like sponsoring her or simply checking out her progress simply follow this link

Also I was asked whats happening with me (personally), well, I'm due to move into Sandra's soon then we will get a place of our own, but not in Madrid very expensive and when she has to quit work it will be too much for one wage! The cost of living is ridiculous nowadays - I remember when... ... (cue Hovis music).

To be honest I'm still working hard, and playing as hard, Sandra has had her first scan, and it would appear she is having a pitufo (smurf)!? Although she is getting a very cute pot belly.
The morning sickness appears to have stopped although the mere mention of Baked Beans (English Beans, to her) and shes off again.

Erm I also seem to have gained a few pounds :-S
Waiting VERY patiently for MGS4 (only 8 days left), not allot else to say, I guess!

Monday, June 02, 2008

30 days and nights

So my 30 day challenge, how did it go?
Badly, in a word! I managed about 8 days without coffee then Sandra insisted "I take coffee" as I was very irritable. But I have cut down as it obviously affects me
--> see picture

As for the rest simply enough but I think one task at a time is better, once one thing went I lost interest.

So what next... ...30 days without sex??

As I had "30" days without, the next challenge is 30 days doing something, so I am actively going to be positive, no negative words, thoughts or swearing!
Harder than you may think, I'm sure

Wish me luck ;-)
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