Wednesday, June 04, 2008

3 peak challenge

Carrie is planning to do the 3 peaks challenge, no mean feat! (not feet, they ARE mean!)
But if you feel like sponsoring her or simply checking out her progress simply follow this link

Also I was asked whats happening with me (personally), well, I'm due to move into Sandra's soon then we will get a place of our own, but not in Madrid very expensive and when she has to quit work it will be too much for one wage! The cost of living is ridiculous nowadays - I remember when... ... (cue Hovis music).

To be honest I'm still working hard, and playing as hard, Sandra has had her first scan, and it would appear she is having a pitufo (smurf)!? Although she is getting a very cute pot belly.
The morning sickness appears to have stopped although the mere mention of Baked Beans (English Beans, to her) and shes off again.

Erm I also seem to have gained a few pounds :-S
Waiting VERY patiently for MGS4 (only 8 days left), not allot else to say, I guess!


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