Friday, June 13, 2008

Metal Mayhem

Hmmmm, so the long awaited release of Metal Gear Solid 4 is now even longer due to the fact that the truck drivers are on strike in Spain, therefore I have NO release date for this game; as yet.

I have been told anytime this week - ironic really, as it says "sneakout release" - I guess it really is now!

But I refuse to sit here and wait for it to come to me, the time for action is now! So in true Metal Gear style I went in search of MY game!

This is my story!

I took things into my own hands, all dressed up and ready to anything I went to face the truck drivers and demand my copy.

All seemed to be going well, I spoke to the head driver; a cold white haired man with a steely gaze even through the dark glasses.

"who the hell are you punk"
- he said in Spanish of course!
enraged at his attitude of my humble request, I demanded he give me MY game, in hindsight maybe not my smartest move!

He didn't take well to my attitude, already "fueled" with anger he lashed out at me in a tirade of verbal abuse, then suddenly things went very wrong as he called on his radio for backup!

I hadn't planned on this and it was quite unexpected.
There was only one thing to do - take action, hit them before they hit me; and at ALL costs get my game!

Truckers are big boys and needed to be taken down quickly.

I sprung into action and immediately floored the oncoming attack from the several irate truckers; using mixed martial art techniques and guerrilla tactics.

I had to think fast so many trucks where could my game be?!
I raced through the trucks searching frantically for MY game but to no avail.

Time was running out and word had gotten around, now even more truckers were now making there way towards me, beads of sweat on my forehead glistened in the searing heat of the mid day sun.

I heard laughter coming from the head driver as he thought he had won!
he bellowed at me!

Sadly in my heart I thought he maybe right, but who was he to deny ME!?

In a fit of rage I decided if I couldn't have a copy no one could!
So I blew up the head drivers truck, leaving pieces strewn all over the highway. Now NO trucks could possibly pass.

I felt mixed emotions satisfaction but also an overwhelming feeling that I had lost, my game and the battle.

Even more enraged at what had happened, the head drivers backup arrived, but I was too swift and cunning for him and I had hid myself within a shipping crate, whilst he was distracted.

He took one last steely eyed look at the destruction and boarded his helicopter, clasped in his hand was the one and ONLY copy of MGS4: he had won after all!

It was time for me to return home, tired, beaten and game less!
The sound of his laughter ringing in my ears.

He had escaped with MY game, the only thing I could take from the experience is I had tried dam it! I sighed and thought to myself - at least he didn't know who I was.

The question is, how long do I have to wait!??!

The End.... ....or is it?

huh what was that noise??!


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