Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunny Spain finally, well almost!

Scorching heat, freak storms and lounging in the pool pretty much sums up this week!
Its a hard life hehe.

It was a mixed bag of the usual; singing, dancing & acting. We had to improvise the entertainment hour on Monday due to no lighting and flooding in the meeting room; but I guess that show business for you.
I was a little disappointed that the Anglo's didn't offer to share their own personal experiences or travels etc, as a presentation, but the effort they did put into the performances made up for it.
One of the best Four Yorkies in a long time, I, O, Eeeee.

As for the Spaniards some of them, didn't work as hard as they ought to, pity because a week isn't a long time and its best to take EVERY advantage of the program, after all they did pay. But I hope they ALL got something from the week, hopefully what they needed (which is usually only the confidence to speak in English)

The weather was very strange this week, we had flash storms and scorching heat, I'm actually quite burnt (silly me!)
I'm guessing so are some of the Anglo's as they spent alot of time in the sun.

However the week passed without incident and everyone seemed happy so a successful week. Things at the hotel are improving; so that's good too.

Anyway here are the photos of our time together

Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 116

Oh yeah, as well all the above, Spain WON 3 -0 to Russia; which puts them into their first Final in 24 years! If they beat Germany on Sunday, I predict HUGE parties!!!


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