Thursday, July 24, 2008

El Padrino

The start of three continuous weeks so a lot of hard work coming my way.
Sounds funny because in England I would work for weeks without a break but now two weeks and I want a break, hehe.

Anyhoo, the week has been a lot of fun, I wrote a few new sketches which were OK, adapted a Tommy Cooper sketch; a little more needed on that one I think.
I also did a painting which turned out very well considering how I did it ;)
although it did take me longer than I expected.

The summer is really hot and nights are getting longer not only because the sun but the participants are not wanting to go to bed - what do you do!?!
This of course causes extra problems at night with parties in rooms and no energy next morning; and for some reason people really do think rules are made to be broken!?

Whilst we are here Lucy the new MC is with the Young Adults program, having done last year I don't envy her at all, but I'm sure she will do just fine.

As for the dreaded party night, well as the village was having it's fiesta this week we thought it a good idea to join them, only the people then decided not to; which was a shame because it would have been very good to experience (I think the walk back put them off), so the party happened in the hotel; without all the trimmings, which I think helps make it but hey!

The new hotel staff have a few issues to work out I think, but all in all the hotel was much better this week than it has been in a LONG time.

Good luck to the MASTERS for the future!! (you know where I am ;) )

Click below for the photos
Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 88


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