Friday, July 11, 2008

Seeing double!?

What a great week! I just love it when it all works as it should.
People sharing and caring and partaking in the week. Some weeks are harder than others but the energy that people bring with them is enough to motivate you to really push yourself and each other and thankfully this group had energy.

This was the first time I (and perhaps Vaughan Systems) had twins in their program. At first it was confusing (especially when they changed their clothes), but I soon got to work out who was who, and then I mess it up when speaking to them, sorry Coral !?!?
miss you both and thanks for a staying on ;)

I must say though the MASTERS on this program have been awesome! no complaints, simply did what was required of them and they did it well, it was my pleasure to have helped you on your journey guys ;)

Lots of activities as you can see from the pictures, and this week was made even more special by having MAYTE as the Director (and what a great job she did, but dont tell her).
Also Eddie (the Wizard) gave alot of himself this week (in fact was happily offering more of himself around, hehe) - ROCK LEGEND!

Anyway I have a home to go to so signing off for now ;)

Just click the folder below to see the photos of our experience
Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 118
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