Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vaughan's Big Brother

Onto week 2: even after reading what the programme entails I still hear comments every week about a BIG BROTHER parody, of course I do little to deflect these comments; hehe where's the fun in that.

But it is interesting that the phenomenon is so widespread. Yes it is a little weird and in our Vaughan bubble the world outside does not exist and maybe that's the trick!?

This weeks group were more subdued than last weeks, which has its benefits. In the entertainment slots I felt a lot of the sketches didn't hit the mark and I tried yet another new piece which still needs work - but hey where better than here to do it.

However they did get into the more intellectual stuff which was nice, and the Karaoke too!

Illness is starting to spread quite quickly and I found myself to target this week - not only did my energy levels drop dramatically but I also strained my voice (doing a crazy sketch then singing Karaoke) so that didn't help much, luckily after a day I was able to shake it off and felt much better. But I noticed more people are getting ill, so bring medicine folks!

I find it a shame that in general the folks with higher levels dont push themselves to much and speak more Spanish than they need to, but on the other hand I am impressed with the effort the lower levels put in and progress they make.

attached as always are the photos of our week; enjoy ;)

Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 89

I haven't heard from you China, so I guess you are having fun in France!? Shame you cant make it over to Spain I know you would love it, also I would love to see you again.

Thought for the day: just because I'm losing doesn't mean I've lost!


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