Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bob's back!

My arch nemesis Bob was back this year!!!! hehe, He's a great gent I met last year and he insisted on giving me a hard time; but in a good way!
When he saw I was his MC, I swear I saw a grin creep across his face ;)
Great to see you again Bob; no really I mean it, I really do, no honestly; hehe!

This is the first week of four week in a row at Monfrague; so what was instore? Well of course, lots of variety in the participants so that was great, old mixing with young and vice-versa wonderful Spaniards who worked hard and gained the confidence they needed in their English - they got involved in the theatre sections and worked hard on their presentations (or their secretaries did,lol); although karaoke was quite subdued, unlike the party which rocked!

I had worked on a few sketches when I was off and I got to put them into practise this week, they were ok, still a little polish needed I think.
Hopefully they all enjoyed them none the less.

This week seemed to go quickly, which is only a good sign!
Met wonderful individuals and couples such as Paul & Tiffany and Manuel & Adriana (great folks indeed!) and Emma returned (with lots of goodies from the UK for me) and I got to meet the mighty FAZIL!

Mayte did a great job of course, she is very comfortable in the role, now if we could only get her to some emotions!?!?

As typical you can access the photos by clicking the picture below
Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 125

Lyric of the day:
What am I suppose to do when the best part of me was always you

Friday, August 15, 2008

Do Dolphins and Superheroes really go together?

After working hard and having to deal with my ex, I needed to get away, so first Warner Parque and now Valencia, which was a nice change of scenery and pace.

Valencia has had some wonderful structures built, which houses a science museum, 3D Cinema, Aquapark, Submarine Restaraunt, lots of aquatic areas for all sorts of fish and sealife.

The design is remarkable - but strangley to me at least the main building from the front resembled a storm troopers helmet (Star Wars) and from the rear a cyclones helmet (Battlestar Galactica) - did I watch too much TV as a kid!?!

There was a wonderful dolphin show (Sandra wanted to go) but sadly the photos came out badly, little light and wrong setting on camera :(
There was also a Superhero convention (I wanted to go) which was OK - but NO Superman!!!
Valencia 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My side of the story

Here is a brief overview of my life with my ex and daughter. My daughter and I had a wonderful relationship; I say HAD because I no longer get access to her. I have no contact, no address, no access and no rights - after 9 years of raising a daughter I have nothing, is that right?!

Anyway, I met my ex way back in '96
(I think) it was a long time ago. Eitherway she was a young girl very beautiful to me and I could see a lot of potential in her.
She was a Jehovahs Witness for years and just before meeting me had renounced it, when he parents found out she was with me and didnt want to follow thier beliefs they kicked her out into the street.

So whats a guy to do, I moved her in with me. It was nice at first but I had to deal with alot, police, her parents, trying to move to a better area etc.
Then she got pregnant but sadly we lost the baby! We moved out of Leicester to Telford at this point. We decided we really wanted a baby - so we tried again, and later that year she gave birth to my daughter CHINA! and yes she truely was precious.

We had moved back to Leicester as Telford wasn't working out for either of us really and she thought her family would help more now we had China. (mistake number 1)!
Back in Leicester, I was alone and working my ass off to make our lives better, at one point working four jobs. I was now a qualified Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer, so I was starting to look good too :)

We decided
(against my better judgement) to get married - then after spending a small fortune and making lots of cut backs and compromises; she had an affair with her boss, I caught them and we split up.

When I got someone suddenly she wanted me back, now still loving her and missing China I agreed to try again (mistake number 2). So they moved in with me in my flat, but one day I returned home to find my flat empty - her and her sister had taken everything from the flat and put it into her house!?! So much for trust - I had apparently slept with someone I didn't!
But I had attempted to kiss one of her friends; which WAS wrong
(mistake number 3).

So again we split - we finally got back together after 6 months or so, and stayed together for several years - all in all we were together (on and off for 9 years), in which time I never raised a finger to her, I was a great father to China and did all I could to make life better for us all - ok things weren't perfect, but they were much better than almost anyone else's around us, we had a nice enough home and money to live.

She was working some strange jobs - Gentlemens bars and Uni bars, but I didnt stop her, only encouraged her to make the best of the situation and gain as much experience as she could. Obviously knowing she got flirted with and I'm sure flirted back lots; but I had to trust her!
(mistake number 4) - she soon started getting ideas about dancing but that I wasn't keen on.

Anyway the day before Mothers Day she arrived home at 4am crying, I awoke and asked her whats wrong - thinking she had been attacked!?! She then told me she didnt love me and loved someone else.
I was deverstated! - (their relationship didnt last more than weeks, so much for love!)

She told me I had to leave; now at this point I had no one and no where to go, no money or job as I was doing magic as a living.
After several hours of pleading with her, she allowed me to stay on in the house and she stayed with friends for a while - this took about 2 weeks to try to get myself sorted, but I couldnt no matter what I did nothing would come together.

We had blazing rows constantly and eventually I had to leave the house and move forward - I spent sometime living rough but that was never going to work, I got very low and contemplated leaving this world, but I didn't as I decided China needed her dad!
I fought daily to see China and maybe once a fortnight got to - unless I bumped into them unexpectedly.

After a few months I had gotten on my feet with work and housing - with no help from anyone; thank you social security! - actually not true, a magician friend of mine did help, which stopped me living on the streets; thanks Dave!!

I got a place very close so I could see China, but that didn't happen - my ex wanted me GONE; out of sight out of mind - actually I think she felt guilty. As I never got to see China and only got hassle from my ex I left Leicester and moved to London with Carrie an awfully sweet girl who I simply couldn't love after such hurt; and she desevered to be happy and loved.
I continued to try to fight to get access to China,
but to no avail, I managed to see her once!

I moved again this time to Spain - work was good, living was nice - but I was incomplete still no access to China, I sent emails, txt's even called but ignored constantly, my ex at this point seemed to hate me even more - like I had ever done anything to deserve it!?
my life had improved hers had stayed still - my fault??!!

She demanded money constantly, and insisted I maintain her life?!! WTF! sorry but I dont think so. I refused to send her money - but agreed to buy what China needed, not good enough!
I asked for her to come here (to Spain, for holidays), left money for a passport and even happily paid for the tickets, but again no joy.
So I went back to England for a week over the Xmas period - what a waste of time, I got 4 hours with China the day before xmas eve - after buying her presents I was no longer needed and again I got a load of shit from my ex and several threats.

So I decided that this year I would not be returning to England and that China would have to come here, that didn't happen - but she did go to France so it seems!!??

My ex now informs me she is getting married - good fucking luck this time!
She claims she is happy, wonderful!
But to top it all she tells me that her new fella is going to adopt China and change her name! FUCKING WONDERFUL!!!!!!!
No matter what I do, did or have done it makes no difference because in this fucked up world I dont matter!

I have all the responsibilites and no rights - the law needs to wake the fuck up!
IT is killing families more than individuals are!

So in the 2 years we have been apart I have seen my daughter twice - which you could argue is my fault for being here, but I had to be here as being in England and not seeing her was even harder, at least here I have an excuse!

Whilst here I have met Sandra a wonderful Spanish girl, but still issues about letting go and loving someone 100% - cheers for that, not letting me trust anyone anymore!

Well maybe no matter how hard I try I simply can't change things?
So after taking my dignity, my home, my daughter, denying me access, you now want to remove my name from her life too!? Thank you - DNA next!?.

I look forward to her being 16 and hope that someday she will come to me or I will come find her, without your intervention, as I cant and wont keep being hurt because of the past. I'm done!!!
You will not turn me into a bad guy, no matter how much you try!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Night of Amusements

After working 3 weeks solid it was time to relax and have someone/something amuse me for a change. So we went to the Warner Bros Amusement Park at 9 o'clock at night! (as you do)

What a strange experience but very cool - the park had lots of attractions but sadly because of Sandra's condition (6 months pregnant) she was unable to go on ANY rides - lucky for me; they looked terrifying (I must be getting old).

The park had lots of attractions and a wonderful water show to music, pyrotechnics and lasers; which was nice. I got to have dinner in the Daily Planet; now that's cool! Although Sandra was stressed there was NO Tweety's; how strange!?

finally at 1am it was time to call it a day/night/morning, whatever!
here are the pictures to check out - China if you ever come we have to go; or maybe Disneyland!?!

Parque Warner

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm going slightly mad...

it finally happened, oh yeah! I'M SLIGHTLY MAD!!!!

Well that's what 3 weeks in Vaughan Town will do to you, so be warned! hehe

A physical and emotional 3 weeks; dealing with personalities and temperament's of participants and the staff issues in the hotel soon takes it's toll - and I think it has.

The week was excellent but I know it had took its toll on me, by the end I was feeling very tired and looking forward to a break.
The participants however put everything into the week, including all their freetime - which is great.

Again illness is striking, so seriously be warned guys!

The karaoke went down VERY well I'm please to say, as did the Queimada, hehe. Although I still am not a fan of the taste - but the ritual is cool.
The new sketches went down well too, which was nice, but I'm running out of material!? If you have any ideas forward them to me ;)

The guys and girls worked hard in their 1 to 1's and in the entertainment and group activities which helps the bonding experience enormously; well done guys!
It was also nice to see some familiar faces again, and I hope to see them and others again in the future.

Thought for the day: NEVER drink & drive folks!!!!!

Here are the photos of our time together
Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 90
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