Sunday, August 10, 2008

Night of Amusements

After working 3 weeks solid it was time to relax and have someone/something amuse me for a change. So we went to the Warner Bros Amusement Park at 9 o'clock at night! (as you do)

What a strange experience but very cool - the park had lots of attractions but sadly because of Sandra's condition (6 months pregnant) she was unable to go on ANY rides - lucky for me; they looked terrifying (I must be getting old).

The park had lots of attractions and a wonderful water show to music, pyrotechnics and lasers; which was nice. I got to have dinner in the Daily Planet; now that's cool! Although Sandra was stressed there was NO Tweety's; how strange!?

finally at 1am it was time to call it a day/night/morning, whatever!
here are the pictures to check out - China if you ever come we have to go; or maybe Disneyland!?!

Parque Warner
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