Saturday, September 27, 2008

A new dawn?

As you know I have worked for Vaughan for one and a half years now. In that time gone through some changes myself. But someone who has undergone and undergoing changes is Rob a fellow MC, and boy what changes he's making too.

If you have ever had the pleasure of Rob (and many have, just kidding) you will know the kind of person and lifestyle he was living, but a recent change (a lady) seems to of had a profound impression on him and brought about several chances - when you seem him now he is like a new man, no really you may laugh but its true.

The bohemian he once was is no more and now instead a respectable young man stands in his shoes - dont know if Rob knows that!?! So I ask that you send him well wishes and encourage him to keep up the work; as we all know, we need a little help from our friends.

On a further note - his creative juices have been poured into this project along with another he has yet to unveil - which I have seen and look forward to seeing more of!
But check out his current project and why not become a fan on Facebook by clicking this link.

Fan site on Facebook - WITHOUT A PADDLE

Monday, September 22, 2008


Sorry different kind of Gizmo anyway I was bored (surprise surprise) so I went on the search for some weird and wonderful gadgets for my new toy and just look at what I stumbled upon!

JUMBO EARPHONES - actually their speakers

and for all those lonely hearts out there,
talking heart mouse

Made by MiniStatements, the "Mini Desk" looks good enough to drive. The entire desk is constructed from what looks like a real Mini with its top chopped off, interior gutted, and left door panel removed. It retails at a whopping $4,400!!!

This laser gadget projects a virtual keyboard on a table or other suitable material, and then interpret your finger movement and pass them on to your PDA or whatever you have it connected to.
Virtual Laser Keyboard

You'll never miss a song even in the bathroom with Atech's "iLounge hybrid toilet paper dispenser/iPod dock". The iLounge supports all iPod models that have a dock connector and has an integrated USB slot for the Shuffle. Speakers are hidden in the dispensers arms with navigation buttons located conveniently on top for easy access.

New York Fashion week is in full swing and there is news of a new laptop!
Yes, once again fashion and technology have merged. This year HP have teamed up with Vivienne Tam and designed a gorgeous Chinese Red laptop for you to feast your eyes on.
It has a 10.2 inch screen and is decorated with peonies. It's all about fusing fashion and style with tech.

hp lallap.JPG


So I made the switch from PC to MAC and no I'm not regretting it. I have been a longtime supporter of the PC and love the many and diverse programs you can get for it.
I have also had the pleasure of working with a Mac (back when I worked for Voluntary Action Leicester, as a grants officer), but that was their Mac not mine.

However with the wonderful Vista (said tongue in cheek) installed on the PC laptops I thought maybe its time to migrate and Mac's are very good computers. So I bought myself a new Macbook Pro and very nice it is, simple clean effective and everything I can do on my PC I can do on my Mac - this wasn't quite the case all those years ago, but the Mac has come along way indeed.

The style and format of its programs are wonderful too matching it sleek design and simple to use layout.
Sadly I think like most that PC's rely too much now on the fact that they were the universal standard and as such people will follow - maybe like Christianity??
But the Mac being the new breed people are starting to move over and take it seriously I know a lot of professional web designers, Music Producers and Graphic Artists use it and swear by it, but now the average man is starting to move over too.

The one off putting thing could be the cost - but consider this - with a standard laptop you are generally buying the computer not Vista it just comes as standard, a hybrid product - with the Mac you are buying the wonderfully designed Mac computer and the software - their product!
I think this is where Mac are leading the way - its theirs, not Sony or HP computers with OS X installed.

One other key thing boy are they fast!!! Honestly if you are considering changing your PC go MAC you wont go back!

If you need any more proof check out the very cleverly designed Mac adverts vs the VERY strange WTF style PC ones.



So still undecided??

Monday, September 15, 2008

100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers

I was bored and that amused me

Saturday, September 13, 2008

K.I.S.S. Bad Presentations Goodbye

Every week I have to listen to presentations, around 15 a week - some good some not so good and some awful. But is it their fault??

No one wants their time wasted and I'm sure you want people to go away with what ever message you thought you were delivering, but after watching and training many people how to present they still make the same repetitive mistakes!

In order to try to help you to deliver better presentations I'm going to offer a quick guide - however it is by no way definitive.

First, K.I.S.S. = K = Keep, I = It, S = Short & S = Simple

Eye contact is key - avoid reading notes, friendly faces, the floor/ceiling - look at the audience.
Never imagine them naked!!!

Use pauses, allow the audience time to develop images in their minds.

Avoid PowerPoint where possible. If you have to use it, use it effectively. How?
Clear slides, clear pictures, clear fonts, clear messages!

Engage the senses, use emotion, build rapport, provoke thought, encourage action.

Offer facts rather than opinions.

Have a strong beginning, middle and end.

Know your topic, backwards if possible, encourage questions if only rhetorical ones.

At the very least smile whilst presenting, if you choose to use humour, use it sparingly and appropriately.

Never have a pen in your hand unless you are using it!

Use a story to make your point and ensure you have a point!
Your story is the path, your point is the goal!

Have a conclusion - tell them what you told them.

Above all you should should be able to

By that I don't mean literally, I mean NO notes, NO slides, NO projectors, NO sweat!

Thank you for your attention, now does anybody have any questions?

Extracts taken from an up and coming booklet I'm currently producing what this space for details

Earth - not such a bad place really

In a bid to remind us how amazing our world is, and how insignificant we really are, I found this picture which I thought I would share.
This is an astounding and spooky photo of the natural phenomenon known as aurora borealis, taken on-board space shuttle Atlantis during the sts-117 mission.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Groundhog day - Week 3

So I decided that after my second and feeling very drained to drop my fourth week so this is my last one for 2 weeks; boy does that make me happy!

Not sure why but Picasa has changed its style with the new update and I can no longer use the little folder to embed photos :( shame I liked that - I have sent them an email to try to get this option re-established lets see.

Either way this week was another challenge that holiday feeling was back from the Anglos and Spaniards. Due to having Masters I have had before I decided to give them new challenges and sketches to see and do.
So I quickly had to put together some ideas I had been sitting on and an additional one from Richard about Spanish Idioms - which when translated are very funny/confusing.
I particularly like that "out of sight, out of mind" when directly translated becomes "Invisible Idiot" hey its a funny old game; as Jimmy Greaves once said.

This week I have noticed lots of cliques in the group not the best for group bonding!
Karaoke was a very quiet affair this week with only around 8 people taking part, guess it ain't for everyone!

We had a very interesting presentation from an Anglo who does dog shows dressed as a hill billy - you simply gotta check the photos to appreciate it ;)
We managed to get out of the hotel for some fresh air and boy was it needed - not only that but I managed to get ill this week - which drained me even more.

As for the party; well it seemed to be just background noise really, hardly anyone got involved and made the most of it, but some did; well done Domingo, Emilio & Naomi nice to see you enjoyed yourselves. So as no one seemed to be participating or enjoying it I finished it early - which they didn't seem to mind, but that also meant the bar closed - which they did mind!
Can't have it all I guess!

Ana did very well as it was her first program and delivered her program professionally, well done!

PS: Folks removing the schedule doesn't mean you nothing to do!
PPS: Monica your still the winner! Although Domingo your a better dancer ;)

Photos of our experience can be found by clicking the photo below
From Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 127

Monday, September 01, 2008

Groundhog day - Week 2

So same old same old!? Hardly!!!

Younger group a new sketch and a newish one re-done - Thanks to Bob's input about "whos on first for computers" I found a version, edited it, added and little and now have an extra sketch to play with; cheers Bob.

But it does feel a bit like deja vue, same place, same food just different faces. But now at the end of the week I am feeling a little tired :S

The performances during the week were good, we had an improv sketch which was very funny well done putting that together as for the evenings, well karaoke almost didn't finish!
The party was rocking with Guest Stars - Rick Astley & David Schwimmer!!!

Lots of energy this week in the participants which was nice, great group, wonderful personalities now I just hope that next week, I remember I have a whole new bunch of people?!?!

The photos of our shared experience can be found here - click the photo below.
From Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 126
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