Monday, September 01, 2008

Groundhog day - Week 2

So same old same old!? Hardly!!!

Younger group a new sketch and a newish one re-done - Thanks to Bob's input about "whos on first for computers" I found a version, edited it, added and little and now have an extra sketch to play with; cheers Bob.

But it does feel a bit like deja vue, same place, same food just different faces. But now at the end of the week I am feeling a little tired :S

The performances during the week were good, we had an improv sketch which was very funny well done putting that together as for the evenings, well karaoke almost didn't finish!
The party was rocking with Guest Stars - Rick Astley & David Schwimmer!!!

Lots of energy this week in the participants which was nice, great group, wonderful personalities now I just hope that next week, I remember I have a whole new bunch of people?!?!

The photos of our shared experience can be found here - click the photo below.
From Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 126


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