Saturday, September 06, 2008

Groundhog day - Week 3

So I decided that after my second and feeling very drained to drop my fourth week so this is my last one for 2 weeks; boy does that make me happy!

Not sure why but Picasa has changed its style with the new update and I can no longer use the little folder to embed photos :( shame I liked that - I have sent them an email to try to get this option re-established lets see.

Either way this week was another challenge that holiday feeling was back from the Anglos and Spaniards. Due to having Masters I have had before I decided to give them new challenges and sketches to see and do.
So I quickly had to put together some ideas I had been sitting on and an additional one from Richard about Spanish Idioms - which when translated are very funny/confusing.
I particularly like that "out of sight, out of mind" when directly translated becomes "Invisible Idiot" hey its a funny old game; as Jimmy Greaves once said.

This week I have noticed lots of cliques in the group not the best for group bonding!
Karaoke was a very quiet affair this week with only around 8 people taking part, guess it ain't for everyone!

We had a very interesting presentation from an Anglo who does dog shows dressed as a hill billy - you simply gotta check the photos to appreciate it ;)
We managed to get out of the hotel for some fresh air and boy was it needed - not only that but I managed to get ill this week - which drained me even more.

As for the party; well it seemed to be just background noise really, hardly anyone got involved and made the most of it, but some did; well done Domingo, Emilio & Naomi nice to see you enjoyed yourselves. So as no one seemed to be participating or enjoying it I finished it early - which they didn't seem to mind, but that also meant the bar closed - which they did mind!
Can't have it all I guess!

Ana did very well as it was her first program and delivered her program professionally, well done!

PS: Folks removing the schedule doesn't mean you nothing to do!
PPS: Monica your still the winner! Although Domingo your a better dancer ;)

Photos of our experience can be found by clicking the photo below
From Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 127

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