Saturday, September 13, 2008

K.I.S.S. Bad Presentations Goodbye

Every week I have to listen to presentations, around 15 a week - some good some not so good and some awful. But is it their fault??

No one wants their time wasted and I'm sure you want people to go away with what ever message you thought you were delivering, but after watching and training many people how to present they still make the same repetitive mistakes!

In order to try to help you to deliver better presentations I'm going to offer a quick guide - however it is by no way definitive.

First, K.I.S.S. = K = Keep, I = It, S = Short & S = Simple

Eye contact is key - avoid reading notes, friendly faces, the floor/ceiling - look at the audience.
Never imagine them naked!!!

Use pauses, allow the audience time to develop images in their minds.

Avoid PowerPoint where possible. If you have to use it, use it effectively. How?
Clear slides, clear pictures, clear fonts, clear messages!

Engage the senses, use emotion, build rapport, provoke thought, encourage action.

Offer facts rather than opinions.

Have a strong beginning, middle and end.

Know your topic, backwards if possible, encourage questions if only rhetorical ones.

At the very least smile whilst presenting, if you choose to use humour, use it sparingly and appropriately.

Never have a pen in your hand unless you are using it!

Use a story to make your point and ensure you have a point!
Your story is the path, your point is the goal!

Have a conclusion - tell them what you told them.

Above all you should should be able to

By that I don't mean literally, I mean NO notes, NO slides, NO projectors, NO sweat!

Thank you for your attention, now does anybody have any questions?

Extracts taken from an up and coming booklet I'm currently producing what this space for details


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