Monday, September 22, 2008


So I made the switch from PC to MAC and no I'm not regretting it. I have been a longtime supporter of the PC and love the many and diverse programs you can get for it.
I have also had the pleasure of working with a Mac (back when I worked for Voluntary Action Leicester, as a grants officer), but that was their Mac not mine.

However with the wonderful Vista (said tongue in cheek) installed on the PC laptops I thought maybe its time to migrate and Mac's are very good computers. So I bought myself a new Macbook Pro and very nice it is, simple clean effective and everything I can do on my PC I can do on my Mac - this wasn't quite the case all those years ago, but the Mac has come along way indeed.

The style and format of its programs are wonderful too matching it sleek design and simple to use layout.
Sadly I think like most that PC's rely too much now on the fact that they were the universal standard and as such people will follow - maybe like Christianity??
But the Mac being the new breed people are starting to move over and take it seriously I know a lot of professional web designers, Music Producers and Graphic Artists use it and swear by it, but now the average man is starting to move over too.

The one off putting thing could be the cost - but consider this - with a standard laptop you are generally buying the computer not Vista it just comes as standard, a hybrid product - with the Mac you are buying the wonderfully designed Mac computer and the software - their product!
I think this is where Mac are leading the way - its theirs, not Sony or HP computers with OS X installed.

One other key thing boy are they fast!!! Honestly if you are considering changing your PC go MAC you wont go back!

If you need any more proof check out the very cleverly designed Mac adverts vs the VERY strange WTF style PC ones.



So still undecided??


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