Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is Halloween

This week was Halloween so I made the most of this theme by using it to add a bit of extra spice to the weeks events.

I wrote some Halloween plays and we sang an edited version of the 12 Days of Christmas called the 12 Days of Halloween, which was fun!

The Quemada was perfect for this week and afterwards we held ghost stories in the dark which was a nice change; although it started off slowly.
My magic had a darker twist to it too, which took me back to my old days of performing the more Bizarre magic; it was a lot of fun and folks enjoyed it which made it worthwhile. The Anglos got to read 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe - Spaniards click the name to see the poem in full.
or check out YouTube for a variety of people reading it - the Vincent Price version is good ;)

I finally got to put a play into use, after over a year from when I wrote it and shelved it. As it had never been performed it was good to see the hard work had paid off and now was the time to put it to use and it worked well - especially Dracula!
The party was a Monster Mash with Halloween songs built in to keep the atmosphere undead!

It was good to see such wonderful people giving so much yet again and willing to do just about anything - thank you all for making my job even easier ;)

From Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 133

Monday, October 13, 2008


Today my brother would have celebrated his 30th Birthday, sadly he was taken from this world by a drunk driver 12 years ago; the week before Christmas, so obviously this is hardly a fun time of year for me.

It's strange to think had he still been here what would have become of him?
What would he be doing? With who? Would he be married? Have kids!?
All these questions are of course redundant but it doesn't stop one thinking what may have been.

For those of you that don't know him and for you too China, your uncle Stephen or Punch to me was a very quiet slim long haired young man, I always seen him in a band or maybe something to do with computers - I got him into computers along time ago and he almost become as fascinated by them as I am.

Punch loved Queen and UB40 and his favourite film was The Crow - may give you an idea of his darker side. He never really got the chance to blossom which was a shame.
Sadly I was so keen to start out on my own life that I didn't spend as much time as I should of with him, of course now I regret that wholeheartedly!

One story I will share which was not long before the last time I saw him -
Punch had moved to Leicester and came back to visit, I was living in Telford at this point.
He told me how dangerous it was in Leicester and that he 'HAD TO' carry a knife (this was before knife crime was so bad, but it was beginning) anyhow, I explained that it was pointless - not the knife it was VERY pointy! But the fact he had to carry one, either he would get into trouble or have it used against him - he's tall, slim (nothing to him really) and far from violent.

He tried to continue his arguement at this point I said to him that actions speak louder than words, and told him put his knife where ever he was going to keep it - and then attack me; for real!
He put the knife into his pocket and then removed it and went to come at me, at this point I pivoted on my heel and did a spinning kick into his chest knocking him flying into the Christmas tree behind him! Harsh I know but really I wanted him to know that he was playing a dangerous game, and trust me when I say I really did pull my kick and didn't give it my all.

Luckily he took the point and decided against carrying the knife; so I managed to save him from one danger but not the other - I had always told him whenever he needed me I would be there and everytime I was, but the one time I REALLY needed to be there I couldn't and that hurts.

The track below is one I chose for punch's funeral and it was more for the fact as I said one of his favourite groups and mine and also the message behind the song - we still had much to do, only now it was upto me to live the life for us both.
Since this point I have indeed crossed many rivers as I promised and continue to do so.
Should you be looking down on me from time to time I hope you are happy with how much I changed to become a better person and the fact I'm trying to live a better life.

The one thing I do recall is how everyone kept on doing what they do, I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs at them to stop and take notice of what had happened, what I had lost - lesson: the world does go on regardless.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Doctor Doctor...

This weeks program was full of Doctors (dermatologists) which was a comforting feeling, fortunately we didn't need their professional side.

The week was packed with interesting things for people to talk about and do.
Obviously a lot were geared towards the medical profession, and I adapted a sketch based on a Fry and Laurie sketch concerning Doctors, which was very enjoyable to perform; well done Jose Luis.

It was typically challenging for all participants regardless of their levels, but they conquered their fears and managed to understood clearly by the Anglos; so well done!
I guess I will get to see some of you again and I look forward to doing so.
The karaoke was a hit and so was the party, getting out of the hotel on Thursday was welcomed too.
The presentations however just seemed to go on and on and on - and if I had let them, ON!!!
Richardo you still have a presentaion to finish!

Vincenc thank you for offering me your heart ;)
All in all, a great weeks work well done. So no complaints my end.

Click the folder below to access the photos of our time together
From Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 97

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Good things in small packages

This weeks group was very small on 21 people. The weather is starting to turn here in Spain now but this group I must say was a breathe of fresh air!

Very professional on both sides, engaged at every opportunity and really had fun.

It was also nice to see so many familiar faces back to join us - of course this meant for yours truly some extra work to ensure they got to see something new and hopefully interesting and I know they did, so mission accomplished!

I also did a presentation on 'Magic' that seemed to be enjoyed by all, which was nice.
As for the Quemada & karaoke, well the Quemada was actually drinkable - as ALL the alcohol was burnt off (oops; note to self 2 bottles ALWAYS!) Not having the alcohol normally left in the Quemada may of stunted the karaoke, but it didn't, people still found the courage to sing which was great.

For the remainder of the week we had a very focused group which made things move along very nicely, even thought they had repeated early on they still found things to talk about, sadly we were not able to venture to the castle as lack of cars.
The party even though a small affair was enjoyable and photos speak for themselves.
It was a pleasure to met such wonderful people and I look forward to seeing you in the future, you know you will return ;)

Phrase of the week: Is very curious!

Just as normal the photos of the week can be accessed by clicking the photo below
Vaughan Town - Monfrague - Program 129
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