Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cold, damp and wet - are we in England?

Sadly this week in Gredos I saw the first obvious signs that winter is upon us.
Snow on the Gredos mountains, mist, fog and of course rain.

However that didn't dampen the spirit of the program. Mayte was back at the helm and yet again did an excellent job. As for the Anglo's I knew about half of them and the Spaniards about a third, so very familiar faces everywhere I looked which was nice, but this also presented another challenge for me as I do like to do new things, but between them all I think them have seen everything I have?!

Either way everyone got a chance to do something and get involved in some way or other.
The Karaoke was a success and the party went down very well too; sadly the food didn't!!
We had several people wanting to go to town for dinner which is simply ridiculous; the food issue MUST be resolved ASAP, if I see another fish I'll scream!

As for the party - be Jesus, I thought it would never end, one more Spanish song, one more English song one more group song, lol - but hey they had a ball, literally!
A brief escape from the hotel was appreciated and all in all I think the week was enjoyed by most.
I have to commute back and forth now as I no longer live in Madrid - but it does offer me some time for peace and quiet, alone time - which has its benefits too.

Click the picture below to see the photos of our week together
Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 100


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