Friday, November 28, 2008

Mother is the name for God, on the lips and hearts of all children

^ ^ ^ That is a beautiful quote from The Crow, this pregnancy was not like the movies though - "ok now one big push"; cut to scene mother and baby clean and happy together.
After what seems like a lifetime, I am pleased to say that Sandra has given birth to Ariadna, a guapa little girl!! (she has blue eyes too)

Both Ariadna and Sandra are fine. The baby was tiny 2.71kg and it took 6 additional days over her due date, 18 hours of labour and a cesarean to get her to arrive. I have just returned from spending 24 hours at the hospital and around 10 of those hours actually with Sandra.

I am glad that both are well and doing better. I do have a strong issue with the treatment at the hospital however. A little information goes a long way and being kept for hours at a time with nothing to go on only causes anxiety and problems.

I don't understand the approach that nothing is communicated. OK, so my Spanish isn't up to the level of understanding complex issues, but nothing was said even to Sandra's mother; I simply don't get it, it wasn't like the problems were that big. Things were indeed slow and baby was smaller than expected, but open dialogue would have helped us ALL to understand what the issues were.

I recall when China was born the midwife told us what was happening and when and what to expect and I was even with her ALL the way, from conception to delivery; I cut the cord that freed China, but here no such luck!

So China you now have a baby sister and I would like you to see her rather than just in pictures, so I will see what I can organize with your mom, in the meantime be a good girl kisses.

Anyway I need a shower, food, drink and SLEEP!!! Enjoy the pictures ;)


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