Saturday, December 27, 2008

Evolution of my computers

Below you will see where my interest in computers started way back in 1986!
My first computer was a Spectrum 128k (well I say mine it was actually Punch's but we shared it).

I think we kept the stores afloat in joystick sales as we broke that many. The games took like 5 minutes to load (it felt like a lifetime) and the games were on cassette tape (which made copying very easy - my first line into pirating).
The graphics were okay and a step up from the likes of pong.

I then moved onto the Amiga - now things REALLY got interesting.
The machine for me was a dream and I soon started looking into what could be done with this baby, and A LOT was possible!
I started a group called THE LOST BOYS and worked with many groups on the scene back then such as FAIRLIGHT, ULTIMA, TRADERS DREAMS, and many others.
I actually got published in a Amiga Magazine but it wasn't glamorous, it was for a disk I compiled in which when inserted you simply pressed any one of the 'F' keys to install a different virus onto someone's computer - the magazine thought I was some kind of anarchist!?!?

Then I upgraded to the Amiga 600 and then onto the 1200 - where I stayed for a while, great piece of kit.
Back then the World Wide Web wasn't really big at all, so we all used a B.B.S. (Bulletin Board System) where one computer would call another only and you could chat or pass across data etc, slow but effect none the less (very costly).

Then it was time to get a PC (as the Amiga scene was dying, shame) so I got a 386!!!
Windows 3.1 before they had a nice Graphic User Interface it was horrid; even the Amiga's was better. I upgraded that to a 486 and then onto a Pentium tower unit instead of a desktop.
At this point windows 95 had been produced and that then upgraded to 98, 2000 and XP: it really went from strength to strength, until Vista that is!

In the process of updating several computers and numerous formatting (sad fact), I acquired the Playstation! Boy what a console, I was never a console fan until this point there had been several out Nintendo being the most popular.
Then the PS 2 was launched and again huge leaps had been taken and was a great time killer for me.

Then came the Xbox and again managed to blow me away great console - not so keen on the controller though. Never did get the Xbox 360!? I did get a Gamecube but again didn't really like it.

As I was travelling alot I decided it best to buy a laptop - at this point they too had come along way, so I bought a Packard Bell. It was okay for it needed to do.
Sony released the PS3 which of course I had to get - which also meant upgrading the TV - but that was worth it - again great console, although I don't think they have exploited it to its maximum capability.

Then I had a dilemma - I used a MAC when I worked with Voluntary Action Leicester and at first hated it - but I came to REALLY prefer it over the PC. So when it came time to upgrade my current laptop what to buy!??!
After a few months of fighting with myself I opted for the Macbook Pro and I am VERY happy with my choice. Excellent piece of kit easy and simple, nice operating system, great support for software (my first major concern) but all put to rest after getting and using it.

After having such a good experience with the Mac I decided that an iTouch was my next gadget to have - and if you don't own an iTouch or an iPhone I suggest you get one - (iPhone Nano soon to be released so maybe hold off on the iPhone).
But essentially its a PC/MAC in the palm of your hand!!!!

Considering where we were about 20 years ago things certainly have come along way and continue to do so.
This year for Christmas I am now the owner of a Wii and for the first time I can actually say its a Nintendo product I like, great concept, nice console the games are ok - but more innovation required im tired of seeing Mario and Sonic in ALL Nintendo games!!!

So here's to the future of computers and games! Below is just a few pictures of the past, enjoy ;)


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