Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Vaughantown of 2008

This week started off with the train ticket company losing my ticket, not the best start, then in trying to fix the problem, VERY nearly missed the train; it was about to pull out of the station whilst we were sorting the problem.

The trip was uneventful - no one trying to steal my luggage! In fact this time it sat next to me. Around about half way to Madrid we emerged from a long dark tunnel to wonderfully white snowy fields, then into Madrid - dull, rainy British weather, how sad!!

There was a noticeable difference this year in the Xmas decor in the streets in Madrid, the atmosphere and even in the stalls in Plaza Mayor - last year they were full of novelty items, wigs, masks and much more, this year not so much: in fact I only bought a Santa hat!

Although there was a lot people walking round with umbrellas stabbing folks in the head - I got attacked 3 times, surely by now with all the rules and regulations on Health and Safety umbrellas should be classified as offensive weapons?! (especially the broken ones)

Anyway enough ranting, this week at VT is Christmas week, so sketches and stuff have a Christmas theme where possible. We sang the 12 days at Vaughan Town, Winter Wonderland and karaoke was a mix of Christmas Carols and Karaoke Favs.
Instead of Quemada we had mulled wine; its SO nice.
I did my 50 dance routine which nearly killed me - the last time was 3 months back I think! I'm going to work on another variation for next year; be warned!!!

Sadly one individual didn't really gel with the group or program so left early, but apart from that no issues although the Quiz didn't go down as well as I hoped (oops), in general everyone had a good time and it was a good finish to 2008 we nearly managed to see in 2009 as the party went on and on!

We also had SNOW!! Which was great but sadly didn't seem to last too long.
That's about it - have a good Christmas and a wonderful new year

You can of course find the photos by clicking below
Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 104


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