Thursday, December 25, 2008

So this is Xmas....

Well its been an interesting year, so where do I go from here.... ....good question keep 'em peeled to see!

So, this year my blog has had over 3,000 new visitors and nearly 5,000 returning visitors which is nice; someone is obviously enjoying following my life or stumbling across some random posts.
The one thing that seems to get the most hits is about losing weight; why are we SO crazy to loose weight fast!!?!?

Folks seemed to have come far and wide, lots from Spain, America and the UK, but also from South Africa, Bahrain, Kazakhstan are just some of the remoter areas that have logged on to my site.

As 20% of the readers/viewers were people searching for 'Vaughan Town' and came across my site, should I get commission??

Dear readers will be aware Christmas isn't my favourite time of year, but I decided to really make an effect and bring a typical English style Christmas to Spain.
You know what they say about best laid plans... ...well their right! My package from England didn't arrive, so NO Xmas pudding, NO mince pies, NO Xmas crackers, NO stuffing for the turkey and worse of all NO SNOW!

But determined I plodded on (little donkey) and made my own stuffing from scratch! Yeah, you heard me! And mulled wine and all the trimmings - although I must say it simply isn't the same in Spain. The simple things you take for granted and would expect simply couldn't be found (sage for example) even a potato masher!?
As per normal we had enough food to feed the street, makes you wonder why we feel the need to do some much?

Onto the presents, I got a Wii and the crazy Rabbids game - what does that say about me?? Not sure but it is fun. As for Sandra, I got here a digital camera and the Singstar games, and a little something put away for the 3 kings (Spains Xmas - 6th Jan), for Ariadna she got clothes of course and China I sent her an electric guitar and amp, hope she likes it!

It's weird how the people you think would wish you a Merry Christmas don't, and people you don't expect to, do!!?!?
Christmas is ALWAYS a time for unique moments (good or bad), the key I guess is to treasure the ones you have and share them with the people that matter the most.


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