Monday, December 29, 2008

Some simple messages

As the New Year arrives I wanted to share simple but effective messages, that are delivered in a more unusual fashion, which in itself gets your attention.
Perhaps the next time you are giving a presentation you should think how to get that message across; afterall its not JUST facts and figures is it...

another thought provoking video

This is a presentation of sorts which may just change your view on life, forever!!

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Benjamin Zander is the conductor of The Boston Philharmonic and is well known for his orchestra's passionate performances. Rosamund Stone Zander is an executive coach, family therapist, and private practitioner who brings enormous psychological experience to enhancing human behaviour. They have written a fascinating book in which they alternate as storytellers in sharing principles and examples in the form of compelling stories in their lives.

Each of the 12 chapters in the book THE ART OF POSSIBILITY communicates an idea - a new way of opening up possibility within your life, providing an evolving and additive view as the reader progresses through the book.

First, the Zanders talk about “It’s all invented” where humans tend to focus on very few things, missing most of what is going on around them. By shifting focus, you will see many opportunities for the first time.

Second, measurements can cause us to focus too narrowly on where we are today and encourage “scarcity thinking” - the glass is half empty. The Zanders encourage thinking about the glass as half full, citing the well-known perspective of optimism as being empowering.

Third, if you assume that people will do well and help them to see how they can, they will. Mr. Zander gives every student an “A” in his class, and simply requests that the student write a paper to tell what they will do to deserve that A. This gets the students focused on excellence, and takes away the tension that gets in the way of real results.

Fourth, as a mindset, think of your role as “being a contribution - you are a gift to others”. How could that change what you do – to focus on the external perspective?

Fifth, lead from any chair. This is a reference to involving everyone. Benjamin Zander asks his players to write down how he could improve practices and performances, and pays attention to the suggestions genuinely viewing leadership from all levels

Sixth, follow rule number six - “don’t take yourself so seriously – to lighten up”. Examples show, how in taking this on in organisational settings, a new culture can emerge, enabling fabulous creativity and new ideas.

Seventh, be present to the ways things are. Many of us are disconnected from reality. By getting back to it, we can see more possibilities.

Eighth, give way to passion. Going with your strong feelings allows you to be more authentic, and to go to new heights of accomplishment. Allow yourself to let go.

Ninth, light a spark. See you role as creating a spark of possibility to be lit that others can see. Act as a catalyst for yourself and others.

Tenth, be the board of the game you are playing. Instead of defining yourself as a playing piece or even a strategist in the game you are playing, see yourself as the framework for the entire game.

Eleventh, create a vision that generates “frameworks of possibility” for others and work on enrolling them into what is right for them.

Twelfth, tell the WE story. Focus on being inclusive and considering what is best for all. Move from I to We, from independence to interdependence.

There MUST be something amongst those possibilities you could utilize or work on - personally I like No. 3 & 6.



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