Friday, January 30, 2009

New year, new venue, new challenges

So first week back to work, oh woe is me.

This year I'm taking it easy; no make that taking it easier. So far at Vaughan Town, I have managed to add something new to every single program, but from now on I'm going with what I have. Don't worry, over the course of time I have managed to acquire a lot of material, but I won't be pushing myself anymore.

I have been doing this job for nearly 2 years now. The role itself I love, but as usual (as in most jobs) office politics play a huge role, and sadly they are playing a part in Vaughan Town now, and I only hope it doesn't affect the program in the long term. Time will tell.

Onto the program. Well we had a complete Masters group 15 of them, also a brand new venue in Salamanca! To start with, we encountered issues with the internet service in the hotel, or lack of it. The hotel seems to think it makes business sense to charge its clients 10 Euros for 1 hours use! In this economic climate and internet access being what it is, I find this ludicrous; especially when the cafe next door offers it for free?? A few other issues behind the scenes which I'm hoping will be sorted for future programs.

The hotel staff are friendly and approachable, English levels not too high, and I don't think that there are quite enough areas in the hotel to sit a chat - two large areas (one smoking one non smoking) but not many isolated places, unless you go into town.
The hotel itself is very nice; but it´s a bit of a maze to orientate yourself within.

The sketches were well liked and everyone seemed to have a great time, lots of participation and upbeat presentations; BRILLIANT!!

We were also joined this week by Tom and Richard who were very nice indeed. They were both approachable and it was good to finally put faces to names, and to be able to dispel some beliefs that existed about Vaughan Town with them. Hopefully this will be a wonderful move forward to bring the two parts of the company together.

I know I said I wouldn't do anything extra or new, but old habits die hard and I did some new things that worked well, so I will incorporate them into future programs.
For example, the masters this week all had to do a job interview as their presentation which turned out very good, lots of effort and creative ideas.

For the first program of the year what a wonderful start, brilliant, simply brilliant!!

ps. its always nice when you know you are in the company of someone special, and this week a participant: Rita Golden Gelman was with us. She wrote this book (and many others) - TALES OF A FEMALE NOMAD well worth reading, its on my shopping list ;)

Feel free to check out the photo's below
Vaughan Town - Salamanca - Program 138


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