Friday, January 09, 2009

Not all doom and gloom

With all the depressing stories all over the news about war, the economy and death its hard to feel there's any good news left in the world. But relax there is, and everyday in many ways amazing things happen and take place, its just a sad fact they don't get the say acclaim that bad news does.

Whilst looking for some good news stories to share with you I came across this site I AM THE SOLUTION - the concept is simple and I'm guessing the effects will be long lasting and life changing - THIS IS NEWS, not the garbage we are delivered on a daily and hourly basis.

I did this years ago and it really made a difference, make one of your resolutions a simply one - when you wake up do NOT turn on the news, instead put on some music that lifts you up, that makes you feel like dancing; it really helps.
Then do me, no, do yourself another favour look for goodness in the world, oh and one last thing SMILE, it's contagious ;)


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