Thursday, January 22, 2009

Style makeover

I need your help, I want to change my image, and not sure which way to go.
I dont think I have ever really had a 'style', I simply like what I like. I have tried many different clothing choices, and lots of hair colours and hair styles, although my hair grows thicker rather than longer and it has a lot of grey on the sides.

Sadly, I'm not as good looking as Brad Pitt and I don't have the cheek bones of Johnny Depp (or his hair) so my choices are limited.
As for clothing, yes ok, I have far too many Superman t-shirts :S but in general I like loose dark jeans, and funky casual clothing I would say, nothing to wild or extreme though.

My beard grows quick (faster than my hair it seems) so I can take it or leave it, although when it grows I now have ginger and grey in there!! I do look younger without a beard and having a goatie or tusk I do like.

So does anyone have any tips, solutions, ideas? Is anyone outthere an image consultant a fancy a challenge (and what a challenge it would be!) let me know your ideas, below are some videos that may give me (and you) some answers.

Hair Care For Men:Going Bald - The Styling Options

how about this tip

Hair Removal For Men:How To Manage Chest Hair

and finally this tip

Tips For Shaving:How To Style Pubic Hair


Unknown said...

You know that you are "guapo" always. If I have to choose between you and Brad Pitt (and you know its a very hard decision), uhmmmmm.... you know I choose you. I think you just like we remind you. Hehehehe. Besitos

becomingkate said...

It's tought o change your style because most people go with the same "uniform" through life. If you like funky casual clothes, you'll like funky dressier clothes. My advice is to upgrade fabrics first, then try a something different, like a jacket instead of a hoodie. Shoes are VERY important as well.

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