Friday, February 06, 2009

Being a Twit

If you dont use or even know what TWITTER is where have you been?
It is one of the fastest growing social network tools on the internet, and it's growing at blinding speed. There are also so many tools you can use alongside Twitter to enable it to work with Facebook, Firefox, Google maps etc.

Twitter has received several mentions on TV shows in both UK and USA which has led to the growing trend of celebrities opening up an account, and you being able to keep up-to-date with their lives and movements.

So who is on the thing you say - well you can start to fill your account with the likes of these folks:

Celebrity Twits

Alan Carr -- @AlanCarr – Comedian
Andi Peters -- @xxandip – British TV personality
Arnold Schwarzenegger -- @schwarzenegger – Actor/politician
Brea Grant -- @breagrant – Speedster in Heroes
Brent Spiner -- @BrentSpiner – Data from Star Trek
Borat -- @Borat – Well its Borat
Cesar Millan -- @cesarmillan – Dog Whisperer
Chris Moyles -- @chrismoylesshow – Radio personality
David Mitchell -- @RealDMitchell – British comedy actor
David Hewlett -- @ dhewlett – Actor on Stargate Atlantis
David Lawrence -- @dhlawrencexvii – Eric Doyle in Heroes
Elijah Wood -- @elijahwood -- Hollywood actor
Ewan McGregor -- @EwanMcGregor -- Hollywood actor
Felicia Day -- @feliciaday -- American actress, Web video maven
George Lucas -- @George_Lucas – Hollywood Director
Graham Linehan -- @glinner -- TV director (Father Ted, IT Crowd etc)
Greg Grunberg -- @greggrunberg -- Matt in Heroes
James Kyson Lee -- @jameskysonlee -- Korean American actor, Heroes
Jamie Oliver -- @Jamie_Oliver – Celebrity chef
Jimmy Carr -- @jimmycarr – Comedian
Jimmy Fallon -- @jimmyfallon – American comedian, actor etc, SNL
John Cleese -- @johncleese – Python, Fawlty Towers etc
John Hodgman -- @hodgman – Actor etc; PC in TV ads
Jonathon Ross -- @wossy – Broadcaster
Kate Hewlett -- @katehewlett – Actress in Stargate Atlantis.
Kevin Smith -- @ThatKevinSmith – Movie maker etc
LeVar Burton -- @levarburton – Star Trek actor
Luke Wilson -- @LukeWilson – American actor
Maria Kochetkova -- @balletsuperstar – Russian ballet dancer
Neil Gaiman -- @neilhimself – English author
Penn Jillette -- @pennjillette – Magician, TV Celebrity
Paul Daniels -- @ThePaulDaniels - Magician, TV Personality
Peter Serafinowicz -- @serafinowicz – British actor, etc
Phillip Schofield -- @Schofe – British TV personality
Richard Branson -- @richardbranson – Virgin founder
Rob Brydon -- @RealRobBrydon – Comedian
Robert Llewellyn -- @bobbyllew – Red Dwarf etc
Seth MacFarlane -- @SethMacFarlane – Family Guy creator
Stephen Fry -- @stephenfry – British actor, Comedian and geek
The Joker -- @the_J0KER – Batman’s Nemesis
Wil Wheaton -- @wilw – Writer, Star Trek actor etc
James Gunn -- @james_gunn – Writer, director, actor, musician
William Shatner -- @WilliamShatner – Actor
Yoko Ono -- @yokoono – Japanese artist

Music Twits

Britney Spears -- @britneyspears – Pop singer
Dave Rowntree -- @davefromlondon – Drummer from Blur, etc
MC Hammer -- @MCHammer – Rapper
Sara Bareilles -- @SaraBareilles – Pop singer
Snoop Dogg -- @snoopdogg – Rapper etc
Jamie Cullum -- @jamiecullum – Singer, Writer
Bjork -- @bjork – Singer
Coldplay -- @coldplay -- Band
Oasis -- @oasisofficial -- Band
Nine Inch Nails -- @ninofficial -- Band

Sport Twits

Andy Murray -- @andy_murray – Tennis player
Eli Manning -- @elimanning – NFL quarterback
Lance Armstrong -- @lancearmstrong – cyclist
Michael Phelps -- @Michael_Phelps – Swimmer
Natalie Gulbis -- @natalie_gulbis – Golfer
Shaquille O'Neal -- @THE_REAL_SHAQ – basketball player
Shaun White -- @Shaun_White – Snowboarder
Will Carling -- @willcarling – Rugby player

Political Twits (and I mean that one)

Andy Reed -- @andyreedmp
Boris Johnson -- @MayorOfLondon
David Lammy -- @DavidLammyMP
George Foulkes -- @GeorgeFoulkes
Grant Shapps -- @grantshapps
Jo Swinson -- @joswinson
Lynne Featherstone -- @lfeatherstone
Tom Harris -- @tomharris1964
Tom Watson -- @tom_watson
10 Downing Street -- @DowningStreet
Al Gore -- @algore
Barack Obama -- @barackobama
Joe Biden -- @joebiden
Joe Trippi -- @JoeTrippi
Karl Rove -- @KarlRoveChannel
Hillary Clinton -- @ ClintonNews
John McCain -- @JohnMcCain

So who's on your list??


becomingkate said...

One day I'll join!

Lynne Featherstone MP said...

Not often I get listed with Al Gore, Barack Obama and Karl Rove!

Andytgeezer said...

Dude where did you get your template? I am gonna get my blog back on the road and I want Twitter on there in a big way too. What are you using as your twitter feed? The blogger standard RSS feed-reader is not exactly real-time.


Andytgeezer said...

Hey hey I hope you're pleased with yourself mate - I have returned to blogging with my new project in response to your request. You're right - I bloody miss blogging! It's great!

I will this week be working on new posts on all my sites and making up for lost time. Can you do something for me though mate. I need some help with my new project, - Notes are on my facebook announcement and on my blog Basically I would like you and any of your readers to send in posts for my new wall that will be replacing my facebook account completely. The more the merrier!


HalfCrazy said...

Actually, I don't really know what Twitter is until I found your blog LOL. I've been seeing people mentioning Twitter twitter twitter. I'm curious but I'm just too lazy for it.

LOL, even Obama have Twitter? LOL I'll check it out tomorrow because that's just so crazy.

Much Love,

sherry_yao said...

well. You really inpire me to join.

Andytgeezer said...

Only just started to get twitter in the last two weeks and now I get it I think it's absolute genius!

Add ralfthehamster. I can hardly get enough of that rodent

Andytgeezer said...

Thanks for the MC hammer one by the way. I wondered what happened to that guy!

Andytgeezer said...

I love it - Snoopdogg's twitter is called Snoop Dogg's Twizzle! Cracks me up!

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