Monday, February 09, 2009

Return to Salamanca

So another week in Salamanca. I must say that having seen the hotel again for a second time, I'm sure it's too small for our needs. Even though this was a small group, the people constantly seemed to be on top of each other and the meals again proved to be an issue for several reasons.
These are the usual teething problems which need to be ironed out, although little headway on that as yet.

Aswell this week, we had LOTS of Anglo's with LOTS of freetime, thankfully the weather held out so they could at least explore Salamanca fully.

The entertainment section was well recieved and enjoyed by all, (in fact I was thanked for rekindling Tomkin's interest in drama) so a success there!
We had an old friend on the program, Manuel (a previous manager of Gredos, and old as in relation not age), it was nice for him to see what we actually do, even though this time he was a Spaniard improving his English, he did a marvellous job; just as long as he didn't have a pen in his hand ;)
Manuel is also looking into starting his own business which can be found HERE.

The karaoke night was again a success, however, sadly for the party my computer decided to play up and stopped working around 1am so the party ended earlier than expected, luckily (perhaps) the town was in festival spirit, so the folks carried on there instead.
Dam 'Murphy' or perhaps not, as spookily it had just turned Friday the 13th!!!!

The economic crunch is certainly taking hold globally - which makes for a lot of unrest in all fields, the future may not be so bright and it's certainly not Orange.

As it was Valentines weekend, I was joined by my beautiful girlfriend Sandra and Ariadna at the venue as the group was leaving. We stayed in Salamanca for a day then travelled to Avila ready for my next weeks work. It was wonderful to spend the weekend together with them, and gave me some much needed energy.

Vaughan Town - Salamanca - Program 139


becomingkate said...

Sounds like an excellent weekend!

Tora said...

Eyo Dade! Hope the trip was wonderful! Thanks for following my blog! :)

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