Sunday, February 15, 2009

Right or wrong!?

Right now, there was a huge piece of controversial news in the UK about a 13 year old father.
Yes that's right 13 YEARS OLD! I have to ask myself is this right???
Now, I'm no angel, but kids should NOT be giving birth to kids, it's simply not right!
At 13 your mind should be on so many other things, computer games, football, whatever; rather than trying to bring up a baby when you've barely grown yourself.

According to reports there has actually been several 13 year old fathers - the thing is, had this been a 13 year old mother, I'm sure the UK police would have prosecuted!
Added to this is the very sad fact that fathers actually have very few rights as it is, let alone at 13 having any. The issue of a stable home environment - afterall, some adults cannot cope with a baby, and finally the fact that yet again society is going to have to foot the bill for this.

There is of course the issue as to who's to blame? The kids, society, the parents, the schools!???
WTF!!! I'm sorry one 'person' - the parents!
The claim that all the sex on TV and moral decay is to blame - yes, it's a factor, but not wholly responsible - you can monitor what your child see's or has access to (at least in the home).
The schools are being attacked by MP's for telling them too much about sex!? WHAT!?
Sex education SHOULD be there to prevent this, saying don't tell them and all will be OK is ridiculous - perhaps this is the stance they took with the economy and look where that got them!
The kids, yes they are responsible too of course, but you have to accept that they were ALLOWED to have sex in the house with the parents knowledge!!
The parents role: to be wholly responsible for caring for and looking after the child, giving them moral and boundaries, not simply letting them do as they please - this is the problem we face today!

One of the really sad facts about this story is now it seems due to the publicity the 13 year old got from this story, that other kids are claiming the baby is theirs! What a circus!
I only hope the one who doesn't suffer in all this is the baby.
It's strange to think that by the time the 13 years old enters college his baby will be starting school!!!

There are literally far too many horror stories surrounding parents with babies and what action wasn't taken soon enough to avoid a tradegy - should the authorities really step in on this one?

So what's your opinion??


becomingkate said...

It's everything - kids being ignored and bored, wanting to be loved, wanting to grow up before their time.
I just hope that baby has a chance.

Anonymous said...

The Parents of these child parents are quite simply guilty of negelect. How very sad to se three young lives in peril. The media circus laps it up. IF its true that some parents knew about the sexual actvities of the youngsters there is a big question mark over there heads as to motive. A loving caring parent just would not let that happen. Bring on the sex education in schools,its clear some adults have no idea what to tell their kids. OK so these parents( and I use the term losely) made the choice to allow sex to happen, so they then gave no advice on protecting against pregancy or STDs? The real victim in the end is the baby whos left with a bunch of fools as a family.

Andytgeezer said...

According to the law the kid can't be legally responsible for stuff before the age of 16 can they, so surely legally this is not the kids fault at all but entirely the parents. In which case, surely the parents should be fined. There is all manner of negligence here that I personally think is tantamount to abuse and neglect in this case, and although the law says it's the parents fault, I think that the kid should learn to take responsibility for his actions. Unfortunately though the one who ultimately suffers is the baby, who now grows up in the shadow of stigma and will forever be socially handicapped.

A sad story indeed.

? said...

I am almost certain he is being used as a pawn. I am sure there may be an adult lurking somewhere. I am probably wrong. But looking at this the other way round, nobody knows what tomorrow may bring for this kid...

Nocturnal said...

Well this is the UK, and the newspaper is The Sun, so yeah, they are a bunch of crazies. People in the UK should all be shipped off and put on some big bleak rainy island where they can ruin their society in peace and be kept safely away from the rest of us!

Unknown said...

The parents of these children should serve some sort of punishment. Obviously they are not watching their children close enough!

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