Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stuff the white rabbit

This weekend a wonderful 3 day event is taking place in Blackpool - a MAGIC convention.

Basically this is an opportunity for magicians from all over the world to get together to witness their peers perform and share secrets; which is unusual because as you know the Magic Circle is a very secretive organisation.

Usually when I attend these gatherings there is around 3,000+ members and about 100+ stalls selling all kinds of magic; from actual tricks, props, costumes to memorabilia.

They also have some wonderful workshops where top professionals share their ideas or even their tricks with fellow magicians. (This is also where I fell out with Joe Pasquale over an offhand remark he made to me - but we made up and he's forgiven).

This year performing at the convention is:
Eugene Burger
Michael Ammar
Etienne Pradier
Jeff McBride
along with many, many others.

For me it is always a pleasure to perform magic and to watch other performing too, especially the high calibre of magicians they have at this convention. I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing performers and individuals at these events.
My magic highlight would be watching Derren Brown perform twice (not at Blackpool) and later meeting up with him for a chat, which was nice.


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