Friday, March 20, 2009

Language, Leprechauns and Learning

I have now been with Vaughan Systems for 2 years. When I first joined them, I could see so much room for growth and opportunity. Sadly I must say this has depleted over the years. The opportunities have not been seized and office politics are getting in the way of work and the good staff.

I have worked for MANY companies and held MANY positions, usually supervisory and managerial levels and typically it’s the B.S. in a company that ruins it for the people on the ground (who are the people that matter and who are also far more attuned to whats going on than anyone else).

The latest ideas and changes are pushing my buttons a little too much. I'm find myself now bitching and whining every week about some new stupid idea that someone in the office has implemented that inhibits us doing our jobs properly - what's worse is it is unfounded, there is NO problem, they're simply looking to create something that doesn’t exist, why?? The million dollar question.

Given the economy I understand savings need to be made and costs cut, but it IS possible to cut corners without affecting the program, sadly the corners that are being cut ARE.

Enough ranting, Spring has clearly sprung here in Spain. With it comes sunshine and pickpockets! Yeah that's right. After meeting the Anglo's last week, I caught the Metro back and two guys walked on, one of them trying sneakily to pick the other guys pocket by hiding his actions under his jacket. Luckily (for the victim) I saw what was happening and grabbed the thief's arm, squeezing his bicep hard and asking him what does he think he's doing, to which he simply replied "que pasa" (what happen), of course this annoyed me and we exchanged glances until the next stop where I ejected him from the Metro.
So be warned! Perhaps as the economic crisis continues in Spain the problem will escalate?

As for the week: It was good we had all Masters, good levels, good personalities and eager to work on their English.
Again a few issues with the hotel, they have decided now to offer a buffet for every meal. Not sure I like that option and due to the fact that the food was almost the same daily it didn't work as well as it could of. Even worse
(for me) is the wonderful desserts they used to serve were taken away!
Everyone got to see Salamanca about 50 times due to the weather being so nice, I barely got out of my office.

I was surprised by what some people thought was acceptable to do within the program, perhaps they didn't read what their roles were clearly enough? Needless to say when things go awry, is when new rules get implemented; so expect changes.

It was St Patricks day this week, so we managed to involve a little of the Irish festivities into the program, it was also Marisa Birthday, so we all shared her cake ;)

Emma is here in Spain now starting the Vaughan Teachers program, so good luck with that!
UPDATE: I just heard she has decided to move on from the teaching, hopefully she can find something rather than returning to the UK?

The photos can be found below ;)

Vaughan Town - Salamanca - Program 143


Xanadu said...

In response to this--->there is NO problem, they're simply looking to create something that doesn’t exist, my answer is, They always try to fix what ain't broke, right? I agree. WHY?? So, which one are you in the plethora of pictures? lol. Having a rainy day, this first day of Spring here. (better than snow!) Ha. Hugs.

? said...

I can tell you that you will be fine. Its only temporary.

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