Friday, March 13, 2009

Put on your running shoes

In a recent online conversation with XANADU we spoke briefly about the inequality between men and women, and even though it has come some distance it still isn't equal.
Then, in a typical world conspiring kind of way - this advert appeared on TV and made me smile - maybe we have come further than we think?

Come on, I'm sure we have all been seduced by TV adverts and now own at least a moisturizing lotion if not more products. Sadly of course, it's all commercial and nothing to do with the balance of equality - 30€ for a pack of razors, scandalous! (cue Hovis music) I remember when I could buy a packet of razors and still have change to get the bus home for a fiver!!
I used to laugh when women would pay £50 for a hair cut, now men are following suit!?

It's a journey for sure, but times they are a changing.
Metrosexual males and strong women do exist - and lets face it, they always have they simply didn't have labels.


Xanadu said...

Great commercial. All I can say is, "You go, girls!" LOL! We're catching up, and will bypass soon. Look out, guys! Ha. Hugs.

Andytgeezer said...

50 quid for a haircut?! you've got to be mad. i haven't had a haircut for 6 months cos i don't want to spend 6 quid. does this make me a weirdo?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember buying razor BLADES! Two bob for a packet of five Gillette Blue, if I remember right. Costs me 8 quid for a haircut; half-price for us 'senior citizens' on Thursday ... I never go then, because of the queue of OAPs.

Haircuts only cost a shilling when I joined the military ... but, during basic training, you were in there every three days!

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