Friday, March 06, 2009

Stuff the white rabbit: update

If you recall, I did a recent post about a Magic Convention in Blackpool (HERE)
well this is the feedback of that event as posted on Magicweek as I couldn't attend, but thought you too may be interested in how it went.

Wow! This year's Blackpool Convention was really special.
There were just so many talented magicians, in all departments, that many convention goers were rating it as the best Blackpool Convention ever. Highlights for me included the Saturday night $10,000 Intercontinental Stage Magic Championships, which featured outstanding performances from Kyoko (chic and charismatic), Dirk Losander (superb technique), Marc Oberon (stunning UV concepts), and eventual winner Han Seol-Hee whose speed, skill, dexterity and magical showmanship took CD manips to new heights. He possessed fantastic control, captivated the entire audience and was rewarded with a standing ovation and the first prize of $10,000.

In Sunday's International Gala Show Jerome Murat's magical Living Statue act, Tony Chapek's playful interactive television routine and Jeff McBride's superb Miser's Dream, Water Bowls and Card work, totally did it for me... and that was just in the first half!
Korea's An Ha-Lim (cards) and France's Tony Frebourg (diabolos) respectively took the art of card manipulation, and the skills of the diaboloist on to a whole new level. It was a brilliant gala show.

125 magic dealers from all over the world exhibited!

An added pleasure this year was seeing David Blaine, taking some time out from a busy schedule to enjoy the convention too. Despite being virtually mobbed on occasion by groups of camera-wielding magicians he took it all with humour and in his stride. David Blaine gave magic a much needed kick-start into the 21st Century some ten years ago, and 'street magic' (as we now know it) was born.

So it sounds like I missed yet another wonderful event, I do so much miss the Magic scene, but I dont think I will return - just dabble now and then and watch with admiration.


becomingkate said...

I haven't been to a magic show in ages!

Unknown said...

You should go catch one, Magic has REALLY moved on, its no longer cheesy magicians and sequin wearing assistants (or rabbits) - My preferred style is Mentalism - Derren Browns world.

Xanadu said...

I'd love to go to a Magic Show. Have never seen one in person, and they've always intrigued me. Hugs.

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