Friday, April 24, 2009

App App Hurrah

Apple have just hit 1,000,000,000 downloads for their App store!!! Most of the products they have available are free or very cheap and extremely useful, if you have an iTouch or iPhone I suggest you go see what they have.

Although they have made a few mistakes (shaking baby app?!?!, personally I think the person who made this is sick and at fault not Apple) but on the whole they are doing very well indeed.

I must say that Apple has come a really long way from it's old days. I think now almost every household has some apple product: iPod, iPhone, iTouch or a Mac (if not a varient on them). Apple stores are opening all over the globe, still none in Madrid as yet though :(

I would like the see the Apple TV moved forwarded more and have more availability of programs, but apart from that I'm more than happy with my Apple gadgets.
Apple have shown a profit where most companies this year suffered and Apple are still leading the way in technology and environmental awareness - Hurrah for them!

There has been no news on Steve Job's health and when he is likely to return to the helm.


Xanadu said...

Great video! LOL! Hugs.

Em said...

You should probably own up to the fact that you have bought almost all of those 1,000,000,000 purchases!

I'm rather proud to be in that minority of households (in 2 countries no less!) - Dell PC in the UK, Toshiba in Spain, Samsung MP3 player, Samsung and Nokia mobiles. Wonder how long it'll last!

Unknown said...

Yeah that Toshibas really work for you huh!?!
GET A MAC! ZERO problems ZERO!!!!

As for mobile touch screen technology was Apples idea, and now they are all copying.

Did I tell you GET A MAC! any mac, you cant go wrong.

Em said...

Um, no, sorry, let me think, I'm pretty sure you've never told me to get a Mac. Or maybe you did and I just thought you were concerned I was going out in the rain.

I'll concede that I probably won't be going near Toshiba again!

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